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This page used to be just for “trolling” posts, i.e., going into newsgroups online and starting shit for no particular reason other than to be funny. It was fun but it was kind of a pain in the ass. Then I stumbled across a site called What these motherfuckers were doing is going on AOL Instant Messenger posing as 13-year-old girls. They would then get pedophiles looking for cybersex and fuck with them unmercifully. It’s the funniest thing on the web. After contacting them, I was invited to try a few baits of my own. Not only is it fun as hell, but it’s a hell of a lot easier than trolling. So, with the consent of the folks at baiting, I ripped them off and put some of my own baits up here. Keep in mind, my stuff doesn’t hold a candle to theirs, so be sure to stop by their site too. Enjoy.

PS. Most of these are vulgar, many are racist, blasphemous, and sexist. Before you get all shitty about it, remember - these people are pedophiles, stupid! They are supposed to be offended. Several of them mention wet, runny poop. Why? Cuz poop always makes me laugh.



Red String 6

Doug is "PorkPipeAnnies"


redstring6: age\sex\loc\pic?

PorkPipeAnnie: 414/h/mw/k

redstring6: thats pretty funny...wanna play truth?

PorkPipeAnnie: Are you on your period?

redstring6: why do u ask?

PorkPipeAnnie: Your name.

PorkPipeAnnie: Unless it means your Indian.

redstring6: rand

redstring6: so..

PorkPipeAnnie: Rand?

redstring6: thats my name

PorkPipeAnnie: Thats supposed to explain your stupid name?

PorkPipeAnnie: no, shitbird, "redstring6".

redstring6: that is my name

PorkPipeAnnie: That name, you fucking potatohead.

redstring6: oh, its waht my old girlfriend used to call my dick,

PorkPipeAnnie: Why, cuz you tolled her during her shameful week and came up bloody and limp like string?

PorkPipeAnnie: tooled*

redstring6: no, she used to tie me up with a red string six times a week

PorkPipeAnnie: And on the 7th day?

redstring6: i got to tie her up

PorkPipeAnnie: Didn't you ever just go out?

PorkPipeAnnie: Ya know, without string?

redstring6: yah, hut we were horny alot, so we brought it with us

PorkPipeAnnie: Wow, how fucking boring are you. Do you eat the same food 6 days a week, every week, too?

redstring6: yeap, its called twat

PorkPipeAnnie: And if she's your "old" girlfriend, why not get a new name and leave the old baggage behind?

PorkPipeAnnie: Still got a thing for her?

PorkPipeAnnie: She off fucking someone better now?

redstring6: sorta, but if i changed it i wouldn't get to have stumulating conversations like this

PorkPipeAnnie: I already started jacking off in another box cuz you were boring me.

redstring6: than turn me on

PorkPipeAnnie: YOU called ME, bimble-nitz.

redstring6: r u always so polite when you finger yourself?

PorkPipeAnnie: Better hurry up, black guy in the next box is making me hot.

PorkPipeAnnie: He's talking about pooning your ex girlfriend. His name is redstring7.

redstring6: you get funnier the hornyer u get

PorkPipeAnnie: He don't have no time to be tying no bitches up.

PorkPipeAnnie: Well, you wanna fuck or you wanna sit around and let a 13 yr old girl make you look like a dick



Previous message was not received by

redstring6 because of error: User redstring6

is not available.



Really Sick Fuck

Doug is "aidsblood"


civileme: Wow, that's quite an info

aidsblood: Yes it is.

civileme: I take it you study erotica?

aidsblood: Study? Whu?

civileme: What do you come here to do then?

civileme: If you are looking for polite conversation, I will be happy to provide...

aidsblood: Cyber. Just to cyber. It's weird, like I can't get enough.

civileme: Oh I understand

civileme: Ummm, may I ask a question?

civileme: I suppose you are busy... Well have a nice time. Maybe I'll talk to you some other time.... Maybe even be a partner for cyber, who knows?

aidsblood: Sure!

aidsblood: Sorry, I am just finishing some loser in another box.

civileme: One clue--OK? You'll get more action if you leave your age out of your info and be mysterious about it.

civileme: I am still around if you have time for me...

aidsblood: I don't neeed more action, can barely keep up with the ones I have.

civileme: OK heeheehee

civileme: You are all right

aidsblood: Tell me about yourself.

civileme: Well I am at least three times your age, a brilliant mathematician who works on computers... 6' red hair aqua eyes huge hands

civileme: Divorced with one child... who is with me

aidsblood: How old?

civileme: Me or the child?

civileme: He's 13

aidsblood: Oh, sweet! We could have a threesome!

civileme: I am expert with massage, hypnosis, and I write for a hobby

civileme: Ummm, he grew up in Alaska, so his puberty has not begun quite yet

aidsblood: Oooh. Hypnotize me to think that I don't have AIDS.

aidsblood: I'm 13 too.

aidsblood: Oh ya, you know.

civileme: I do write some R-rated stories, if you want to read them...

aidsblood: What s his name?

aidsblood: Mmmmm.

civileme: His name is Fines

aidsblood: Would I? Would I?

aidsblood: (harelip harelip)

civileme: And what about you besides your age and your raging hormones? What would you care to share?

aidsblood: I like to dance, I'm in a ballet class, I have a dog named Snoopy and I was raped by my stepbrother and had to have an abortion this morning.

civileme: Oh wow...

civileme: [Look into your eyes] I know you are exploring your own sexuality through cyber and that is OK.... But know this right now. You are a bright person, and you are a valuable person, and you are good for many things besides sex...

civileme: That rape carried the opposite message, but you did not agree to the act, don't agree to the message either

aidsblood: This is working!

aidsblood: I was really asking for it I guess.

civileme: Women never ask for rape

civileme: It is not eve a crime of sex

civileme: It is a crime of control--an unhealthy type of control

aidsblood: All dressed up like Jon Benet Ramsey. I might as well have been sucking his cock.

civileme: How you dress is your business. If you had been nude, there would still have been no excuse

aidsblood: Well I was giving him a hand job while he ate my pussy.

civileme: Really, you have a basic right to respect from others of your own wishes. When those are ignored, with regard to your person it is wrong

civileme: Even in that case

aidsblood: But I made him swear if I passed out he'd stay away from my pussy and he didn't

aidsblood: I couldn't stomach the thought of another abortion.

aidsblood: My Dad has to do them himself because of my age.

civileme: I have made love before where a woman climaxed seven times, then she said she was tired and needed to stop. I stopped, even though I was very excited and had not yet reached orgasm

aidsblood: Him and that one guy Smitty from the Texaco. He'll fix most anything for a 12 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon and smokes.

aidsblood: Mmmmm. You're getting my mind off of my wartorn and ulcerated vagina.

civileme: OK....

aidsblood: What would we do if we were there together?

aidsblood: Where is that anyway?

civileme: California at the moment

aidsblood: Ok.

civileme: I think I would want to make sure you were all right. I would look into your eyes for a sign of fear

aidsblood: No fear here!

aidsblood: Just plain horny!

aidsblood: What next?

civileme: Then I would gather you gently into my arms and nestle my cheek to yours, one hand sliding up your spine to nestle fingertips in the hair at the back of your head, the other digging gently under your sholuderblade, my lips touching your neck artery and my warm exhalation bathing your ear

civileme: And as I read your pulse from your neck, my fingertips would press and release in your scalp and under the edge of your shoulderblade in time to your heartbeat

aidsblood: Ok, Fabio, enough with the Harlequin Romance shit. I'm starting to think you a homo.

aidsblood: Get to the fucking.

civileme: After I did that for a little while, I would lift my head and taste your lips with mine

civileme: I would look into your eyes and slowly unfasten your garments, loosening them and letting them fall

aidsblood: No garment, just this hospital gown and lots of bandages.

civileme: And I would kiss my way down from your lips to your chin then your throat, pausing to suckle at your larynx and then lap at the hollow between your collarbones

aidsblood: Wow, I could have come and made breakfast by now. But go ahead, humor yourself.

civileme: And I would flatten my tongue against your chest and slide my head between your breasts, just missing them moving down to your navel

aidsblood: Hey, wait! You missed the tits!

civileme: And plunge my tongue into it several times while one hand goes o your groin and presses the pubic hair there, four fingers resting between your thighs

civileme: And as I kissed my way up to your right breast, my little and index fingers would press and spread your outer lips while ring and middle fingers would fit between inner and outer lips

civileme: I would kiss a circle round your right breast right where breast meets chest, and with each kiss, my fingers would squeeze your inner lips together

civileme: then as I surround your nipple with my lips, my fingers bend and my fingertips press firmly on the knob of flesh called your clitoris

aidsblood: Man, this is almost painful to sit through.

aidsblood: Get Fines on the horn, maybe he can get right to the ass fucking.

aidsblood: Whats he look like?

aidsblood: I didn't mean to sound mean there.

civileme: He's 5'5" and about 140. Dark hair and almond-shaped eyes

civileme: Well you were telling me your needs

aidsblood: Sweet. Put him in the fantasy with us.

civileme: FInes gets behind you as I turn you on your side and I slowly press you back to slide you onto him, while my member presses its tip against your clitoris

aidsblood: Mmmmm.

aidsblood: You are real good at this. And Fines is even better.

aidsblood: Can I take over for a while?

civileme: And a I see you respond to that I flick my member against you on the outside,,, FInes reaches around o caress your left breast

civileme: Sure

aidsblood: Please?

aidsblood: Thanks.

aidsblood: Do you mind it a bit kinky?

civileme: Not at all--it is your fantasy--just hope you get off

aidsblood: I pull out your sweet cock and lick up the greying hairs of your ball sac.

aidsblood: You shiver and expell some gas like old men are prone to. Its natural.

aidsblood: I sit you on the chair and - to your surprise- produce a whole chest of bondage gear.

civileme: oooo OK

aidsblood: Your son starts to go through the box as I strap you to the chair.

aidsblood: He's not real bright and starts running around the room with my strap on cock like an airplane making the sputtering-lip sound.

civileme: Yipes

aidsblood: I grab your sweet old-man cock and squeeze.

civileme: Uhhhh

aidsblood: You trembele. Fines is now putting butt plugs in his mouth. You begin to scold him but then think "Why bother".

aidsblood: I smear your feet with honey and set them in my ant farm and then I strap Fines down on his belly.

aidsblood: He's not into this shit at all but its too late.

civileme: All right

aidsblood: He looks to you with terror in his eyes as I strap on the ball gag.

civileme: Egad

aidsblood: No crying for you, you little retarded Alaskan pansy!

aidsblood: You start to see this has gone out of control as ants begin to tear the flesh off you feet.

civileme: I tough it out

aidsblood: And now the big surprise!

aidsblood: I raise the lights and from between my legs I produve the 11 inch cock I'd kept tucked away!;-)

civileme: Heeheehee

aidsblood: Your jaw drops ad I huck phlegm into my palm and smear it on Fines quivering buttocks.

aidsblood: He screams with his eyes as I plunge it deep into his ass!

aidsblood: You can tell he will not be able to handle this as parts of his innards come tearing out of him!

civileme: Uh huh

aidsblood: I reach my whole hand up inside of him and grab hold of his guts. I yank him nearly inside out.

aidsblood: He coughs up blood and dies, the whole time staring you in the eye, asking "Why?"

aidsblood: I bring my bloody, feces-strewn hand over and slap you in the face.

aidsblood: I go to the shed And get a hacksaw to take of his little 13 yr old head.

aidsblood: I saw off his head and put it in your lap. Your cock stands erect from the attention.

civileme: My how imaginative

aidsblood: I set the head on fire and make you fuck it in the neck.

aidsblood: (Did you come already?)

aidsblood: Hello?

civileme: Ummm, I am afraid even in RL it takes about 2 hours for me

aidsblood: Have you ever fucked him? Fines, I mean.

civileme: definitely not

aidsblood: It must be hard to have sweet smooth 13 year old booty staring you in the face everyday like that and not be able to at least beat off on his ass, huh?

civileme: Not at all, I am always in control of myself, and I am not attracted to men anyway

aidsblood: Do you think he cybers with old guys?

civileme: He doesn't even chat--he plays crossfire

aidsblood: Cool.

aidsblood: You both sound really cool. And you know how to cyber!

civileme: But I took the trouble to teach him to protect himself too

aidsblood: Good, There's a lot of creeps out there.

aidsblood: Cyber is a lot harder than phone sex.

civileme: Well , yes. Are you really 13 and female? If so you write very maturely

aidsblood: Thanks, I'm real grown up from all I been through.

aidsblood: My uterus alone is near 50!

civileme: I wish you had not had to go through that

aidsblood: I can get you off on the phone if you like.

aidsblood: My Dad used to have me do it for his friends.

aidsblood: I'm real good.

civileme: Well, I would love to talk to you on the phone, but I am at work right now...

aidsblood: Sure.

aidsblood: When do you get home?

civileme: Anyway, I would not want you to do anything you didn't really want to do...

civileme: I get home about 4 hours from now

aidsblood: It doesnt matter but if you want a free phoner, just gimme a number and a time to call.

aidsblood: I'm just sitting here in bed anyway for the next few days.

civileme: It does matter... What is your name?

aidsblood: And I think you're hot!

aidsblood: Chondra.

civileme: Chondra, I think you are very special. And I would love to talk to you... It might be long distance for you, though

aidsblood: Thats ok, I always make long distance calls.

aidsblood: If you're not that into me, I understand.

aidsblood: But I have to get off line now, so just tell me yes or no.

civileme: *** *** **** x **** 4 hours (number omitted for privacy reasons)

civileme: Take care of yourself

aidsblood: Wow, you have phone sex at work?

civileme: No, I am in a hotel

aidsblood: That must be a great job if you can just sit there and whack off!

civileme: I live in Paris and just visit California

aidsblood: Oh, really! You work in a hotel?

civileme: No I am staying in a hotel

aidsblood: Pasadena?

civileme: that area

aidsblood: Oh, I thought yopu said you were at work?

aidsblood: you*

civileme: I am --I gave you a number for 4 hours from now

aidsblood: Oh, I see.

aidsblood: What do you do?

civileme: I program computers

aidsblood: How do I ask for?

aidsblood: Who*

civileme: just dial through and ask for Michael

civileme: You must be in the LA area yourself.

aidsblood: Wow, will the kid be there?

aidsblood: Not right now.

civileme: Yes he will, but not where hecan overhear

aidsblood: Is he really a reterd?

aidsblood: retard*

civileme: He is the opposite

civileme: he's a genius

civileme: just not pubescent

aidsblood: Does he know you're a pedophile?

civileme: I am not

aidsblood: You think this behavior is healthy and normal?

civileme: As you will discover

civileme: Well if you call you will find out whether it is worth your trouble

aidsblood: Having cybersex with 13 year old girls that talk about raping, killing and beheading your child?

aidsblood: Normal?

aidsblood: To incorporate your own child into a cybersex fanatasy?

civileme: Not at all, but that was your fantasy--of course it would not happen RL

aidsblood: Wow, this is the sickest bait I've ever done.

civileme: I bet it is... I just listened...

civileme: And you are very intelligent...

aidsblood: At least I got a number so when it gets posted on the site you'll get harrassed.

civileme: OK whatever... no problem--it isn't real

aidsblood: You are one sick fuck. I hope the kid get safely away from you.

aidsblood: Real?

civileme: Right

civileme: remember I let you take over the fantasy and you did all this stuff and I just listened

aidsblood: You were going to engage in phone sex with a 13 year old girl who fantasized about disemboweling your child. That did not deter your sex drive in the least.

civileme: And I of course gave you what you wanted to hear because I wondered what was up

aidsblood: Oh, you may not have broken any laws. Thats where we come in and make sure everyone you know gets a copy of this log.

civileme: Hmmm actually there would have been no phone sex

civileme: I wanted to talk to you and find a way to relieve your situation, if it was real

aidsblood: Whatever. I only pray to God that the boy has a mother somewhere to take custody when this comes out.

civileme: Well, as you noticed He is in no danger....

aidsblood: ivileme: I would kiss a circle round your right breast right where breast meets chest, and with each kiss, my fingers would squeeze your inner lips together

civileme: then as I surround your nipple with my lips, my fingers bend and my fingertips press firmly on the knob of flesh called your clitoris

aidsblood: Sounds like you trying to relieve my situation, allright.

aidsblood: Please do us all a bit of good and kill yourself.

civileme: Who are you really?

aidsblood: Homestead Village, eh?

civileme: I never believed the 13 stuff, but I played along a little to see what would happen

aidsblood: We will see you when you get home from work.

aidsblood: Good day.

aidsblood: (Wow, did this guy fuck up or what?)

civileme: Bye

aidsblood: Buh-bye.



Order Off The Menu

Doug is "aidsblood"


ll0572: hi

ll0572: wanna chat?

aidsblood: Hi. :-P

ll0572: where r u from?

aidsblood: Sure! Whats on your mind, flapjack?

aidsblood: Las Vegas!

ll0572: anything fun! do u like older guys?

aidsblood: Older than what?

ll0572: than u

aidsblood: Yes, are you older than me?

ll0572: yes

aidsblood: How do you know?

ll0572: your info

ll0572: says you're 13

aidsblood: Then you must have also read that I like older guys.

ll0572: just making sure

ll0572: :-)

aidsblood: So you are wasting my time asking me bullshit questions you already know the answer to.

ll0572: it says a few more intersting things too

aidsblood: No shit, onionhead.

ll0572: hey now

aidsblood: Get to your point, I am annoyed with your little dance.

ll0572: u really like sucking cock?

aidsblood: I try to be upfront to avoid all this preening.

aidsblood: Yes. Yes I do.

aidsblood: Another question you know the answer to.

aidsblood: All in the info yet you still waste my time.

ll0572: excellent!

ll0572: how about we have fun?

aidsblood: I could have made you come by now if you just got to the point.

aidsblood: How fucking old are you?

ll0572: 2

ll0572: 26

aidsblood: I beleived you more the first answer.

ll0572: lol

ll0572: smatrass

aidsblood: What are you into, creepy?

ll0572: let's talk on the phone, it'll be more fun

ll0572: i'll tell all about it

aidsblood: Whats your number?

ll0572: gonna call me now? i was going to call u

aidsblood: No, I'll call you.

ll0572: now?

aidsblood: Sure.

ll0572: long distance

aidsblood: But you better make me come.

ll0572: i will

aidsblood: Ya, Its a nickel a minute, I think I can scrape it up.

ll0572: ***-***-**** (real number omitted for privacy reasons)

aidsblood: Massachusetts?

aidsblood: I fucking hate that accent.

aidsblood: Get me hot first and then I'll call.


Previous message was not received by ll0572 because of error: User ll0572 is not available.


aidsblood: Wow, you hung up quick.

ll0572: u mean disonnected?

ll0572: did u call?

aidsblood: Ya, I told you to get me hot first and then I would call but you were already gone.

ll0572: i'll get u hot on the phone

aidsblood: I don't want to sit there trying to get hot listening to the stupid Massachusetts accent.

aidsblood: "Ya, my cahk is wicked hahd!"\

ll0572: i don't have that accent

aidsblood: Fuck that, show my your wares up front. Tell me what you're into and then I'll call.

ll0572: i'm back

aidsblood: You've already shown me that you have no problem wasting my time. Now gimme a little up front and I'll call and finish you off.

aidsblood: Whats your kink, chink?

ll0572: i'm into licking pussy, ass, nibbling on nipples, fucking pussy and ass

ll0572: fucking hard

aidsblood: Here's what I'll do:

aidsblood: Oral

aidsblood: Anal

aidsblood: Sadism

aidsblood: Humiliation

aidsblood: Fecalfelia

aidsblood: Cleveland Steamers

aidsblood: Horsewhipping

aidsblood: Bondage

aidsblood: Golden and brown showers

aidsblood: Nippleclamps and genital mutilation

aidsblood: Milking the prostate

aidsblood: Foul smells

aidsblood: and of course

aidsblood: The Dirty Sanchez

aidsblood: No fucking though. I'm a virgin.

ll0572: ok, let's talk

aidsblood: You may order three off the menu.

aidsblood: Your order please.

ll0572: how about u call me and i'll tell u then

aidsblood: I'll need your order up front.

aidsblood: But I'll make you come like a fire hydrant.

ll0572: ok?

aidsblood: Your order please.

ll0572: u there?

aidsblood: Yes.

aidsblood: Waiting.

ll0572: aim is messed up

ll0572: u there?

aidsblood: C'mon now my pussy is getting cold.

ll0572: call me and i'll tell u what i pick

ll0572: ok

ll0572: ?

aidsblood: No, I said I need your order now.

ll0572: ok, oral anal and the third is up to you

aidsblood: If you waste my time one more time, I will disconnect and you won't get my sweet, sweet pussy.

aidsblood: No, you must pick.

ll0572: u like golden showers on you?

aidsblood: Either way.

ll0572: then golden shower is third

ll0572: gonna call now?

aidsblood: Hold while I process your order.

aidsblood: Wait one moment.

aidsblood: Do not hang up.

ll0572: don't waste my time either, if u wanna call then let's do it

ll0572: u calling?

ll0572: yes or no?

aidsblood: Hang on, I'm trying to get a boner.

ll0572: good luck

aidsblood: You sure you want Golden shower?

Previous message was not received by ll0572 because of error: User ll0572 is not available.



Kill The Hooker

Doug is "PorkPipeAnnie"


Joshey10: hey

PorkPipeAnnie: Yes?

Joshey10: im 23 m ny

PorkPipeAnnie: Great! I love NY.

Joshey10: kool

Joshey10: i horny

Joshey10: *im

PorkPipeAnnie: Poor bastard. Want some help jacking off?

Joshey10: ya

Joshey10: will you?

PorkPipeAnnie: Sure, what do you like/

Joshey10: im 5'10'', brown hair, brown eyes

Joshey10: tan

PorkPipeAnnie: No, what are you into?

Joshey10: i like sex

PorkPipeAnnie: Say I was a hooker and you were going to kill me afterwards anyway. What would you do to me first?

Joshey10: i would get head

PorkPipeAnnie: Thats all?

PorkPipeAnnie: Just head?

PorkPipeAnnie: Would you cut it off first?

Joshey10: you do something

PorkPipeAnnie: Ok, so I am a hooker and you want head.

Joshey10: i'd want you to do stuff to me

Joshey10: anything

PorkPipeAnnie: You bring me to a hourly-rate crack hotel.

PorkPipeAnnie: You take out a Poulan Chainsaw X-T 950.

PorkPipeAnnie: The whine of the motor terrifies me.

PorkPipeAnnie: Without so much as a crack in your expression, you saw off my head.

PorkPipeAnnie: Now you take my bloody skull, pull open the mouth and drop it onto your rock hard cock.

PorkPipeAnnie: It falls top-heavy and your big dick pokes out the neck like a turd sneaking out of an asshole

PorkPipeAnnie: Did you come yet?

PorkPipeAnnie: Hello?

Joshey10: no

Joshey10: not yet

PorkPipeAnnie: Ok.

PorkPipeAnnie: My corpse lies on the floor with blood cascading from the neck.

PorkPipeAnnie: You do another bump of meth and try to tug some life into your syphlittic twisted cock.

PorkPipeAnnie: Cop car sirens wail in the night and give you the fear.

PorkPipeAnnie: But they aren't coming for you. Not yet.

PorkPipeAnnie: You spread the ass cheeks of my cooling corpse and find that I voided my colon when I was killed.

PorkPipeAnnie: You stick two fingers into the waste and hold it under your nose.

PorkPipeAnnie: You know that smell. That is the smell of Power.

PorkPipeAnnie: It makes your cock swell like a thumb caught in a car door.

PorkPipeAnnie: Did you come yet?

Joshey10: no

Joshey10: almost

PorkPipeAnnie: You remeber that I am a heroin mule and have recently come back from a trip to Bolivia. On a hunch you jam your entire hand to the elbow in my ass.

PorkPipeAnnie: You can feel the skin and flesh tear.

PorkPipeAnnie: You feel a baggie way up in my colon and no you've struck paydirt.

PorkPipeAnnie: You remove it and your whole arm is dripping blood and feces.

PorkPipeAnnie: You lick it clean like a wounded animal.

PorkPipeAnnie: There's a knock at the door.

PorkPipeAnnie: *Knock - Knock*

PorkPipeAnnie: I said Knock - Knock!

Joshey10: who's there?

PorkPipeAnnie: "It's Thaddeus, Kareena's pimp. Where's my mutherfuckin ho at?"

Joshey10: not here

PorkPipeAnnie: You look through the keyhole and start to panic.

PorkPipeAnnie: Its the biggest angriest black man you have ever layed eyes on.

PorkPipeAnnie: He kicks in the door before you have a chance to slide the deadbolt.

PorkPipeAnnie: There you are with his prize whore's head impaled on your cock and his bag of Horse in your hand.

PorkPipeAnnie: "Mutherfucker, You killed my best ho"

PorkPipeAnnie: You are speechless.

PorkPipeAnnie: He tells you that there is a high paying client waiting to fuck that ho, who you have no ruined.

PorkPipeAnnie: They only way he will let you live is if you dress up like a girl and let this guy fuck you.

Joshey10: eeeeewwwwwww.....

Joshey10: n

Joshey10: NO

PorkPipeAnnie: You jump at the chance.

PorkPipeAnnie: Wait a minute.

Joshey10: no

Joshey10: im not getting fucked

PorkPipeAnnie: A minute ago I had you licking blood and feces of the fist you just pulled out of a headless, dead hookers ass... but NOW I went too far?

Joshey10: im not gay

PorkPipeAnnie: Oh, My bad.

PorkPipeAnnie: So any way..

PorkPipeAnnie: Here you are covered in the shit and innards of a dead crack whore, fresh from fucking her in her decapitated head.

PorkPipeAnnie: Her pipm is now standing in front of your naked body and he's pissed off.

PorkPipeAnnie: pimp*

PorkPipeAnnie: He grabs the back of your head like a basketball and pushes it down on his dirty, uncut, stinkin black cock.

PorkPipeAnnie: You take it in your mouth and try not to vomit.

Joshey10: no

Joshey10: sick

PorkPipeAnnie: He tells you that in order for him to come, you have to lick his ass.

Joshey10: no

Joshey10: fuck you

PorkPipeAnnie: What are you, a racist?

Joshey10: no

Joshey10: im not gay

PorkPipeAnnie: I didn't say you LIKED it, did I?

Joshey10: no

PorkPipeAnnie: Do you kill hookers with chainsaws?

PorkPipeAnnie: No, you don't. But did you get all pissed off when I put it in the fantasy?


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Kentucky Fried

Doug is "ToolMySweetAss"


STUD7897: hello my name is Rick and I am 22 from KY would you like to chat?

ToolMySweetAss: Sure!;-)

STUD7897: i have a pic on my website


ToolMySweetAss: Sweet!=-O

STUD7897: what are you doing tonight

STUD7897: i am taking a break from some homework at school I have finals next week

ToolMySweetAss: Everyone one needs to jack off every nowand again!

STUD7897: okay so did you like my picture and my site?

ToolMySweetAss: I was hoping for a picture of your cock.:'(

ToolMySweetAss: But ur cute!

STUD7897: well I can tell you thats big too

ToolMySweetAss: Wow, you should have it on your website.;-)

ToolMySweetAss: Nice cock is hard to come by.

STUD7897: well I don't know. I am single though and have been looking for a girlfriend

ToolMySweetAss: Your brother Brandon is SOOOOOOOO hot!!!!

ToolMySweetAss: OhmyGod your Dad is even hotter!

STUD7897: really. hes a sophomore in college

STUD7897: what about me I'm the one your talking to remember

STUD7897: I like anything especially playing sports and watching movies. especially comedies and romances

STUD7897: i give good back massages.

STUD7897: if you were closer i could take care of any pain you have.

STUD7897: well I better get going. email me if you ever want to talk to me about anything. my email is **** (omitted for privacy reasons)

ToolMySweetAss: Wait!

STUD7897: okay

ToolMySweetAss: I was just taking a shit. I'm back now.:-*

ToolMySweetAss: Do you ever cyber?

STUD7897: occasionally

ToolMySweetAss: I mean, I assumed thats why you Im me, cuz thats what I loooove more than anything.

STUD7897: want me to take yourclothes off and rub you all over

ToolMySweetAss: How big is that big cock?

ToolMySweetAss: Ooooooh!

STUD7897: 7inches

ToolMySweetAss: Ooooooh!

ToolMySweetAss: How big is Brandon's cock?

STUD7897: can i suck your breast and kiss you all over

STUD7897: not saying... your talking to me okay

ToolMySweetAss: I bet your sweet sweet Dad has the biggest cock of all!

STUD7897: no actually i do

ToolMySweetAss: Have you ever experimented with another guy?

STUD7897: why do you ask?

ToolMySweetAss: Because I had sex with an older woman once.

STUD7897: actually i have

ToolMySweetAss: And it was HOT!

ToolMySweetAss: No kidding?

ToolMySweetAss: I love that!

ToolMySweetAss: What was it like?

STUD7897: mine was good to

STUD7897: awesome he kissed me all over

ToolMySweetAss: It makes me so horny to hear someone be HONEST!

ToolMySweetAss: This is true, right?

STUD7897: yes

ToolMySweetAss: Not just for cyber.

ToolMySweetAss: k

ToolMySweetAss: Tell me, it makes my pussy wet.

ToolMySweetAss: Was it with Brandon?

STUD7897: i wish you were closer me so we could actually do this

STUD7897: no itwasn't

ToolMySweetAss: Who was it with?

ToolMySweetAss: Mine was a babysitter.

STUD7897: a friend from middle school actually

ToolMySweetAss: Did he come in your mouth?

STUD7897: how old were you when you did it

ToolMySweetAss: 13

ToolMySweetAss: I'm 14 now and want MORE!

STUD7897: no he came on my stomach though

ToolMySweetAss: Ooooooh!

STUD7897: well hey kelli

STUD7897: can i let you go because i am tired

ToolMySweetAss: Wait, I wanna come!

ToolMySweetAss: Why do you have to go?

STUD7897: you can IM me tomorrow or send me an email does it bother you I'm 22

ToolMySweetAss: No, its a bit young but its ok.

ToolMySweetAss: You seem to know how to fuck.

ToolMySweetAss: But tell me more about your Dad's cock so I can come.

ToolMySweetAss: Your Mom is pretty. Do you think she take sit in th ass?

STUD7897: Mine is the biggest and its hairy too

ToolMySweetAss: Oh, I am sure yours is adorable. Does Brandon have a girlfriend?

STUD7897: hey I tel you what e-mail me tomorrow and i will give you my cell # if you want and we can go from there

ToolMySweetAss: Roxanne looks just like the woman who sat on my face when she was babysitting me.

ToolMySweetAss: Do you call her Roxanne or Mommy?

ToolMySweetAss: Kewl!

STUD7897: yes he is talking to someone but I 'm single

ToolMySweetAss: How old is he?

STUD7897: hey don't make fun of my family

STUD7897: how old is who brandon?

ToolMySweetAss: YA!

STUD7897: 19

ToolMySweetAss: Did you ever see your Dad or Brandon fuck?

STUD7897: hey I gotta go sweetie email me tomorrow

ToolMySweetAss: Or walk in on your Dad fucking your Mom?

ToolMySweetAss: WAIT!


ToolMySweetAss: I'm just about to come!

STUD7897: no i havent hey lets talk about me okay keep my family out of this

STUD7897: i'll lick your pussy till you say stop

ToolMySweetAss: Say one or two things about how sweet your Dad's cock is and then I'll pretend to be into you.

ToolMySweetAss: I just need to come.

ToolMySweetAss: Then I'll pity-fuck you into next week!

STUD7897: he sticks his hand down there

ToolMySweetAss: mmmmm

STUD7897: i love to feel my cum when i am sleeping but i know you would want to feel me too open your legs

ToolMySweetAss: C'mon Rick, show me what it means to be a woman!

ToolMySweetAss: OOOOOh Brandon, you make my puusy catch fire!

STUD7897: open your mouth and yell with great pleasure you love my warm body next to yours

STUD7897: here i cum:-)

ToolMySweetAss: Oh Roxanne, put your big hairy 70's beav over my little 14 yr old mouth!

ToolMySweetAss: Yes, fuck me, Mommy!

ToolMySweetAss: Kentucky Style!

STUD7897: hey talk about me okay

ToolMySweetAss: C'mon, give it to me like the ugly older boy nobody wants!

ToolMySweetAss: (Thats about you!)

ToolMySweetAss: C'mon Ricky-Poppa, fuck me!

STUD7897: i will bounce up and down all night for you

ToolMySweetAss: Oh ya, give it to me Brandon, you are so hot!

STUD7897: email me okay here i come kelli YES squeeze me tight all night

STUD7897: kisses

ToolMySweetAss: WAIT!

ToolMySweetAss: Your Mom and Dad are about to make me come!

ToolMySweetAss: I just need Brandon to finger my ass!

STUD7897: seriously i need to go but email me and i will give you my #

STUD7897: I'll finger you up the ass:-)

ToolMySweetAss: Please just say you are your brother Brandon fingering my ass.

ToolMySweetAss: Give it to me now and then its all about you.

ToolMySweetAss: Never mind your family.

ToolMySweetAss: You are the hottest cyber I've had.

STUD7897: I m brandon and i want your ass all night

ToolMySweetAss: But I have to write it down now cuz its my Dads computer.

ToolMySweetAss: No, your number silly.

STUD7897: Did that cum to you. Kiss me

STUD7897: what ?

ToolMySweetAss: I will kiss you forever, hottie.

STUD7897: Its long distance you know

ToolMySweetAss: Give me your number now cuz I dont know when I can get back on line.

ToolMySweetAss: It's ok, I pay all my bills from my paper route money.

STUD7897: ***-***-**** (number omitted for privacy reasons)

STUD7897: sweet dreams. Till we IM again

ToolMySweetAss: Sweet.

ToolMySweetAss: Wait!

ToolMySweetAss: Call me sometime, too.

STUD7897: hey only call at night okay like after 11pm my time

ToolMySweetAss: I think we can be great friends.

ToolMySweetAss: ASnd I think that your brother Brandon and I could ahve some hot, hot fucking going on!

STUD7897: really do you mean it because i am really looking for a serious relationship though

ToolMySweetAss: No, you are kind of a goober. I am looking for more guys like your brother and father.

ToolMySweetAss: Besides, I am 14 years old. How serious could we get?

STUD7897: good bye

ToolMySweetAss: Serious enough for you to go to jail.

ToolMySweetAss: Wait!

ToolMySweetAss: Take down my number, geek-act.

STUD7897: what

STUD7897: why

ToolMySweetAss: It's

STUD7897: okay

ToolMySweetAss: Put Brandon on.

ToolMySweetAss: Or Roxy!

STUD7897: hes not here

ToolMySweetAss: That is one sweet cunt that doesnt quit!

ToolMySweetAss: How do walk around with a mother like that and not just straight up fuck her in the ass?


Previous message was not received by STUD7897 because of error: User STUD7897 is not available.