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Oh Up Above by Nowhere Man & A Whiskey Girl With Amy "Bingo" Bingaman


If you are unaware of the tragically romantic demise of our friends Nowhere man & a Whiskey Girl a year ago, you should probably catch up here and then here. It's an amazing story.

Whiskey Girl left behind a recording of an unfinished song that, in collaboration with other friends and family, Bingo has finished in both a recording and a video.

Along with Whiskey's sister and brother-in-law, they filmed the video in a landfill in Sheridan Wyoming.  The final version of the song was recorded with Bingo's good friend and monster musician Robin Clabby in New Orleans with Bingo filling in for the missing vocals.

The song is called Oh Up Above. It gives me the creeps and makes me feel what I believe they call an "emotion" which is always disconcerting. Watch at your own risk.


Vegas & Australia


I've finally been able to get a Vegas show on a football weekend. September 27th, 2014. We do the show Saturday night and then can hang out in the sportsbook all day/night Sunday with you fucking weirdos watching/betting football. Not only that, we're doing it at my favorite casino - The Plaza in downtown Vegas. Downtown Vegas is the only Vegas I really enjoy. Its still cheap & threatening. Not dangerous necessarily but old school like the mob might still have a toe-hold, as opposed to the strip which feels like Universal Studios made a giant Chili's and added slots machines & fire.

Downtown is exactly where you'd expect to find me.

The Plaza is brilliant not only for the nostalgia or the bargain basement prices but also because it's located right next to the Greyhound Bus station, providing 24-hour entertainment of stumble-bums and rashy, shoeless outcasts of all sorts meandering though trying to turn their last quarter into a Willy Wonka golden ticket. With my audience, they'll have a hard time telling the difference.

The Plaza also has a Subway sandwich place in the food court that - to this day - still will not serve breakfast sandwiches after 11 am. In Las Vegas. Drink, gamble & whore it up 24/7 but Subway at the Plaza still won't turn loose the fucking egg after 11. We will see if that changes after every single one of us goes up to order breakfast over the course of two days and walks away when they say no.

So get your tickets now, its not a huge venue. If the Plaza hotel is full, there's at least five other casinos in literal rock-throwing distance as cheap or cheaper. We'll make it a two-day party. Road trip, fly or even take the Greyhound if you have that kind of budget and sense of humor.  We're still coming up with a prize for the person who traveled the farthest by bus to get there.

And don't forget to dress like an asshole. This is old Vegas. You're supposed to look like a jerk-off. If you bought a 70's sport coat or a football jersey from my eBay yard sale, this is the perfect weekend to bring both. If you're a Cowboys fan, wear your jersey so you can be quickly spotted and mocked. They play the Saints in the night game Sunday and the shit-talk will fly!

Show tix are here and rooms are here


The Australia Tour of One-or-More Shows.

We have booked and have tickets on sale now for November 14th in Sydney. That show is for sure. After that, we have no idea. We're working hard at other cities.
So get your Sydney tickets as soon as possible and we can gauge by that how much further we can spread out in the country. And for fuck sake sign up on the mailing list here on the site! That'd sure make the guess work a hell of a lot easier.


Other dates including NYC, LA, SF, San Jose, Philly, Austin, DC are on sale now (look to the right!) with more coming. UK looks to be pushed to early 2015 for whatever the usual logistical bullshit is so why not just jump on a plane to Vegas? I watched World Cup and loved it. Now come catch the show and watch NFL. If you're still pissed off that I rooted for Costa Rica over England, you can be a reciprocal cunt and cheer for the Dallas Cowboys. Fair is fair.


Thanks for everyone listening to the podcast. We are trying to keep constant on getting them out weekly. Follow me on Twiter @dougstanhope because Facebook sucks shit and for the most part I only use it to post dates & occasional other shit that goes straight to Twitter & thats where all the fun happens.