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Doug is "dirtybagina"


sigs011481: hi

dirtybagina: What?

sigs011481: you sound cool

dirtybagina: Thanks!

dirtybagina: So does Staci!

dirtybagina: I wish I could talk about myself more, but it's selfish. If you really wanna know what makes me tick, take a look at what I have to say about my girlfriend. She is my life these days. I would have nothing to live for if it wasn't for her. She really is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She is my one and only, and she always will be. I love you so much Staci. You're the greatest. Some day soon we'll be right where we belong--with each other.

sigs011481: she is my ex

dirtybagina: Oh, you'd better remove that then.

sigs011481: soon

dirtybagina: And put in there that she's a whore.

dirtybagina: No, now.

sigs011481: she's not

dirtybagina: Put in there that you guys broke up.

dirtybagina: Now.

sigs011481: no

dirtybagina: Do it and I'll cyber you real good.

dirtybagina: I'll let you fuck me in any hole you want.

sigs011481: I'll erase it but that's it

dirtybagina: Nope. You have to put in there that she is your ex-girlfriend now.

sigs011481: forget it

dirtybagina: Liar.

sigs011481: no I'm not

sigs011481: I don't want other people to know that we broke up

sigs011481: for a reason of my own

dirtybagina: Oh, so you lie to your friends?

dirtybagina: Liar.

sigs011481: yep

sigs011481: more like girls who are bugging me

dirtybagina: Oh, ok!

dirtybagina: Then put in there that I am your new girlfriend. That should clear things right up.

dirtybagina: I'll wait.

sigs011481: no...can't do that

dirtybagina: Why not?

dirtybagina: Because you are a...

dirtybagina: Liar?

sigs011481: yeah...that's it

dirtybagina: Why did you break up?

sigs011481: she cheated

dirtybagina: Hahahahahahaha.

dirtybagina: Couldn't keep her satisfied, huh?

sigs011481: that wasn't it

dirtybagina: I didnt mean to laugh but the thought of YOUR girlfriend sleeping with an impressive Negro like him just killed me.

dirtybagina: Especially they way she loved taking him in her mouth.

sigs011481: ok are really annoying the hell out of me

dirtybagina: I was just saying is all.

sigs011481: well you are wrong

dirtybagina: Show her who is boss and put in your profile that you are fucking ME now.

sigs011481: but I'm not

dirtybagina: You will be!

sigs011481: whatever

dirtybagina: Where do you live, anway?

sigs011481: ohio

dirtybagina: Really? What part?

sigs011481: canton

dirtybagina: No kidding?

sigs011481: nope

dirtybagina: I just moved from there!

sigs011481: whatever

dirtybagina: I went to Dueber Elementary!

dirtybagina: I'm serious!

dirtybagina: What school did you go to?

sigs011481: holy shit

sigs011481: really?

sigs011481: I went Hoover

dirtybagina: I never heard of Hoover.

sigs011481: it's in N. Canton

dirtybagina: Oh.

dirtybagina: Does Tina Johnson teach there?

sigs011481: yeah

dirtybagina: Ok, I know now.

dirtybagina: She's a friend of my Dad.

sigs011481: ok

sigs011481: she teaches biology

dirtybagina: Are you in her class?

sigs011481: was

sigs011481: not

dirtybagina: She's kind of a bitch.

sigs011481: I know

dirtybagina: Don't tell her I told you that!!!

sigs011481: i don't go there anymore. I'm 20

dirtybagina: Oh, ok!

dirtybagina: Phew!

dirtybagina: Whats your name?

sigs011481: Scott

sigs011481: you?

dirtybagina: Mine is Regina but everyone calls me Gina.

sigs011481: cool

dirtybagina: Or baby if we are fucking!

sigs011481: hey baby

sigs011481: j/k

dirtybagina: Do like having your cock sucked?

sigs011481: never had it done

dirtybagina: What is the craziest thing you have done sexually?

sigs011481: ate a girl out

sigs011481: many times

dirtybagina: Thats the craziest?

sigs011481: yes...not very experienced...although I know what to do

dirtybagina: You ever try a Wampanaug SledgeHammer?

sigs011481: no

sigs011481: what do you look like?

dirtybagina: How about a Screaming Maxwell?

sigs011481: nope

dirtybagina: Oh, I look just like Lisa from the Simpsons.

sigs011481: lol...seriously though

dirtybagina: What do you look like?

sigs011481: 5'10" blonde and blue 150

dirtybagina: Mmmm.

dirtybagina: And no one has ever sucked your cock?

sigs011481: no

dirtybagina: Wow, thats a shame.:-(

sigs011481: I know

dirtybagina: You know what this is...

dirtybagina: =-O

sigs011481: what

sigs011481: what is it

dirtybagina: Thats the look on Staci's face when that gargantuan Negroid enters her anally before she's even up for breakfast!

sigs011481: shut up

dirtybagina: >:oTake it, bitch says he!

dirtybagina: J/K

sigs011481: shut up...jesus christ

dirtybagina: I am just teasing you.

sigs011481: good

sigs011481: soo...what do you look like?

dirtybagina: I lool like Angela from Hooked On Love.

dirtybagina: I wonder...

sigs011481: doesn't help

dirtybagina: Do you think that Staci and the guy she fucked sat around after he shot his goo all over her face and belly and laughed about your small penis?

sigs011481: no...i have a big cock, but she never saw it

dirtybagina: Do you think she lets him listen when you call up and cry like a bitch into the phone?

sigs011481: shut the fuck up

dirtybagina: They try not to giggle when she swallows his big, sore-riddled cock while she talks to you on the phone.

dirtybagina: "No, I love you too," she says while an immense black cock stretches her ass open, "I'm just not IN love with you!"

dirtybagina: Wouldn't that be funny?

sigs011481: knock it off

dirtybagina: OK, I was just saying is all.

sigs011481: well stop it

sigs011481: and fuck me

dirtybagina: Have you ever tried to suck your own cock?

sigs011481: no

dirtybagina: I mean, since nobody else will.

sigs011481: you would

dirtybagina: Go get some hand lotion and a rubber glove. I wanna try something.

sigs011481: no

dirtybagina: Why not?

dirtybagina: Don't you like new things?

sigs011481: I don't have gloves

dirtybagina: OK, we'll do it without gloves.

dirtybagina: You have lotion?

sigs011481: ok...I've got lotion

dirtybagina: Are you naked?

sigs011481: not quite

dirtybagina: Get that way.

sigs011481: ok

sigs011481: now I am

dirtybagina: Is your sweet cock hard for me?

sigs011481: yeah

dirtybagina: OK, get up on all fours and pull on your cock for me.

dirtybagina: Lather up both hands with lotion.

dirtybagina: Now is the tough part...

dirtybagina: Its gonna be kinda like a ventriloquist act.

dirtybagina: First I want you to say in a girls voice "Oh, Donte, That is the biggest cock I have ever had!"

sigs011481: hell no

dirtybagina: Now in a big Negro voice say "Thats right Staci, and you gonna take it all in yo ass!"

dirtybagina: Now plunge your other hand right up your ass!

dirtybagina: The whole fist!

dirtybagina: So you know how she feels!

dirtybagina: Writhing around on the big black meat stick!

dirtybagina: (Did you come already?)

dirtybagina: (Hello?)


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