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West Virginia Redneck

Doug is "cybergrlonwheels"


wv4x4redneck1: hello

cybergrlonwheels: Hi, cutie!:-*

wv4x4redneck1: u like to cyber

wv4x4redneck1: u have a pic

wv4x4redneck1: hello

cybergrlonwheels: I don't have a pic but I loooove cyber!

wv4x4redneck1: well do u want to

wv4x4redneck1: ur 12 and u no all about sex

wv4x4redneck1: r u there

cybergrlonwheels: I guess so. Tell me something about you, something deep and meanigful so I don't feel like a whore.

cybergrlonwheels: Yes, I am here, Mr Snappy-pants.

wv4x4redneck1: my dick is 7 inches if hard

wv4x4redneck1: i love u

wv4x4redneck1: ur good in bed

cybergrlonwheels: Wow, you ARE good!

wv4x4redneck1: now will u work your magic

wv4x4redneck1: im like really horny so could u tell me some good stuff

cybergrlonwheels: Sure, but first tell me some of the crazy and exciting things you've done sexually in the past.

wv4x4redneck1: well ive ebnn all the way with 2 girls

wv4x4redneck1: been*

cybergrlonwheels: How old are you?

wv4x4redneck1: 21

wv4x4redneck1: how old r u

cybergrlonwheels: 12.

wv4x4redneck1: how old r u

wv4x4redneck1: do u have boobs yet

cybergrlonwheels: You read my profile, you know how old I am.

cybergrlonwheels: Yes I do!

wv4x4redneck1: wut size

cybergrlonwheels: They are kinda nub-like with the big bulbous areola.

wv4x4redneck1: good enough for me

wv4x4redneck1: u a virgin

cybergrlonwheels: Fuck no!

wv4x4redneck1: how old were the peopkle u had sex with

cybergrlonwheels: 17, 27, 71, 61, 30, 30, 35, 8, 22, 20, and 15.

wv4x4redneck1: where do u live

cybergrlonwheels: The 15 year old got me pregnant.

cybergrlonwheels: Las Vegas.

wv4x4redneck1: do ur parents no

cybergrlonwheels: Yes they do!

wv4x4redneck1: r u pretty

cybergrlonwheels: Beauty is on the inside. You whattya say you hurry up and get inside me!

wv4x4redneck1: reallly

wv4x4redneck1: now will u tell me from start to finish how we would get it on

cybergrlonwheels: Tell me what kinky and outrageous things you did with those two girls!

wv4x4redneck1: well i dont really no we just had regular sex

cybergrlonwheels: We're either of them your sister? I heard rednecks do that.

wv4x4redneck1: do u have any pics of any one naked

wv4x4redneck1: no they werent

wv4x4redneck1: will u please tell me now

wv4x4redneck1: please

cybergrlonwheels: So you really havent done anything?

wv4x4redneck1: had reguular in the pussy sex

wv4x4redneck1: will u please tell me stuff now please

cybergrlonwheels: Ok, I'll give you the cyber of your life but you remember who taught you the ropes!

wv4x4redneck1: ok

wv4x4redneck1: will u tell me form start to finish how we would do it

cybergrlonwheels: Lets say we are on your farm...

wv4x4redneck1: ok

cybergrlonwheels: You are out in the fields barefoot with cowshit caked in between your toes.

wv4x4redneck1: will u get on with the sex

cybergrlonwheels: You are wearing overalls by OshKoshB'Gosh, no shirt underneath and two-day-old rebel flag boxers.

wv4x4redneck1: are u going tto tell me sex or not

cybergrlonwheels: I have to set it up properly so you come really hard.

cybergrlonwheels: It's all in the details.

wv4x4redneck1: just tell me abou thte sex between us

cybergrlonwheels: Relax and start jacking off.

wv4x4redneck1: ur nto even making me hard by telling me this stuff

wv4x4redneck1: i am trying to

wv4x4redneck1: start with the sex

cybergrlonwheels: I'm doing it for me too, asshole. There's two of us here and only ONE of us has done any kind of real sex.

cybergrlonwheels: So anyway...

wv4x4redneck1: ssosrryr

wv4x4redneck1: sorry

wv4x4redneck1: just horny

cybergrlonwheels: I approach you on the farm and tell you my car has broken down and that I am being chased by thick negroes.

cybergrlonwheels: Just the word makes your cock hard. I see it and smile.

cybergrlonwheels: "Weeeeell, whut choo wantin me to do about it, Ms Puuurty?" says you in the local dialect of the uneducated.

cybergrlonwheels: "Could you put me up for the night, maybe?" says I like a whore.

wv4x4redneck1: go faster please

cybergrlonwheels: "Well only if you suck my big, crooked hillbilly pecker!" says you and you tart jumping around snorting laughter like a pig.

wv4x4redneck1: go faster

cybergrlonwheels: You throw me over your shoulder and carry me up the stairs.

cybergrlonwheels: The bedspread on your bed is purple.

wv4x4redneck1: go on

cybergrlonwheels: I ask why you like purple and you say it's beacuse you enjoy Prince and his music, but not so much the later releases.

wv4x4redneck1: hey hurry up please

cybergrlonwheels: I say Purple rain was the only good CD he has and we drop it.

wv4x4redneck1: HURRY UP

cybergrlonwheels: I ask you if you have anything to eat as you stand their with your beautiful member staring out at me.

cybergrlonwheels: You say you have hominy grits.

wv4x4redneck1: TYPE FASTER

cybergrlonwheels: "Ive never had grits" says I.

cybergrlonwheels: "Youve never had grits?" says you.

cybergrlonwheels: "NO, I never had grits" says I.

cybergrlonwheels: I cant beleive you have never tried grits" says you.


cybergrlonwheels: Ok!

cybergrlonwheels: You begin preparing the grits while I slowly undress.

cybergrlonwheels: I peel of my hospital gown to reveal my bandages.


cybergrlonwheels: My bosom heaves under the ointments, salves and lotions.

cybergrlonwheels: I crave dick sooo bad but you are only interested in cooking grits.


wv4x4redneck1: OR ILL JUST LEAVE

cybergrlonwheels: "Y'all want pork-chunks in your grits?" says you.

cybergrlonwheels: (I'm getting to it in just a second)

wv4x4redneck1: i said mi getting off if u dont starts ucking

cybergrlonwheels: "No, pork chunks for me" says me..."I'm a vegan".

cybergrlonwheels: "Guess that means you don't suck dick then" says you.

wv4x4redneck1: i f u dont start sucking in the next line im leaving

cybergrlonwheels: "Well, i can make an exception for you" says I and I start towards you and your boner.

cybergrlonwheels: You take out your big curly sweet-radish dick and begin to stroke it.

wv4x4redneck1: start sucking

cybergrlonwheels: I drop to my knees as you prepare the grits on a paper plate.

cybergrlonwheels: It's not so much paper as it is styrofoam with the little compartments so your peas dont get in your cornpone.

wv4x4redneck1: ok that is it im leaving

cybergrlonwheels: What is cornpone anyway?" says I

cybergrlonwheels: WAIT!

cybergrlonwheels: Here's the sex part!

wv4x4redneck1: stick my dick in ur moooouth or bye bye

cybergrlonwheels: I eat the grits, fuck you and go to bed.

wv4x4redneck1: at least suck my dick

cybergrlonwheels: In the morning you ask if I need a ride into town.

cybergrlonwheels: "Well, I sure wouldn't mind, as I dont see a bus stop around here", says I.

wv4x4redneck1: i say ill give u one if u suck my dick now

cybergrlonwheels: We already did the sex. It's romance time.

wv4x4redneck1: just please suck my dick

cybergrlonwheels: Tell me how you will take me to the ball.

wv4x4redneck1: listen i waited for u to tell me how u would suck my idck so please jsut tell me

cybergrlonwheels: I don't suck dicks because of my affliction. I lost all of my lower jaw in the accident.

cybergrlonwheels: Tell me how you will sponge off my stumps for our wedding.

cybergrlonwheels: Then I will suck your ****.

wv4x4redneck1: well tell me how u stick my dick in ur pussy or someting like htat

cybergrlonwheels: I already did.

wv4x4redneck1: u didnt tell me that

cybergrlonwheels: Now sponge off my stumps.

cybergrlonwheels: Yes I did.

wv4x4redneck1: bye

cybergrlonwheels: cybergrlonwheels: I eat the grits, fuck you and go to bed.

cybergrlonwheels: See?

wv4x4redneck1: haha

wv4x4redneck1: bye

cybergrlonwheels: WAIT!

wv4x4redneck1: no

wv4x4redneck1: bye

cybergrlonwheels: Why won't you love me?

wv4x4redneck1: ur really tstupid

cybergrlonwheels: You want me to ... I dont know...suck your dick?

wv4x4redneck1: ur [rplly some 30 eyar old woman that cant get anything in reallife or the computer

cybergrlonwheels: Why are you being mean to me?

wv4x4redneck1: u r a liar

wv4x4redneck1: u are a liar

cybergrlonwheels: What?

cybergrlonwheels: Liar?

wv4x4redneck1: yes

wv4x4redneck1: u lied to me

cybergrlonwheels: About what?

wv4x4redneck1: i stuck around for u to tell me how we would have sex and u give m eu XXXX and then go to bed

wv4x4redneck1: good bye

cybergrlonwheels: I would never lie. Its against everything Jesus taught us.

cybergrlonwheels: WAIT!

wv4x4redneck1: then tell me how we would have sex form start to finish with out all htat grits and stuff

wv4x4redneck1: start with the sex and stay with the sex

cybergrlonwheels: I will let you fuck my ass if you just settle down.

wv4x4redneck1: ok

wv4x4redneck1: start now

wv4x4redneck1: not the ass pussy

cybergrlonwheels: Ok, I sit you down on the bed and start licking your balls.

cybergrlonwheels: I take your whole cock deep into my mouth and you start to shiver.

cybergrlonwheels: I pull your hands up over your head.

cybergrlonwheels: I tie you belly-down on the cold basement floor.

cybergrlonwheels: I stroke your cock with one hand and with the other I ready myself for fucking.

wv4x4redneck1: go faster

cybergrlonwheels: You keep your ass arched up in the air so I can get at your dick

cybergrlonwheels: The site of your ass has me hard as nails.

cybergrlonwheels: I take my own beautiful cock and plunge it up your ass

wv4x4redneck1: none of that

cybergrlonwheels: I start singing Yankee Doodle Dandy as I come in your ass.

wv4x4redneck1: just my dick in ur pussy

wv4x4redneck1: now

cybergrlonwheels: My balls empty into your dirty rebel colon .

cybergrlonwheels: You cry and ask why I didnt tell you I was really a man.

cybergrlonwheels: "Shut up and cook us more grits" says I.

cybergrlonwheels: "But you just raped my ass" says you.

cybergrlonwheels: "I'm fixin to take a shit in yo mouf if you dont make me vittles" says I.


Previous message was not received by wv4x4redneck1 because of error: User wv4x4redneck1 is not available.


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