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This Big

Doug is "ToolMySweetAss"


CNICE 05: hey.a/s/l?

ToolMyTightAss: 14 / F / NV

ToolMyTightAss: You?

CNICE 05: u like older guys?

ToolMyTightAss: Only older guys.

CNICE 05: like how old?

ToolMyTightAss: It's like guys don't know how to fuck til they're 25 at least.

ToolMyTightAss: I fucked one guy that was 77.

ToolMyTightAss: No shit.

CNICE 05: thats kinda gross

ToolMyTightAss: He was in good shape and I made a ton of money.

CNICE 05: oh well thats cool then i guess

CNICE 05: well i do like younger girls

ToolMyTightAss: Almost 40 dollars.

CNICE 05: r u hot?

ToolMyTightAss: Thats double what I get for delivering newspapers.

ToolMyTightAss: Wicked hot.

CNICE 05: describe yourself for me?

ToolMyTightAss: Got a pic, Spic?

CNICE 05: no sorry

ToolMyTightAss: I am 4' 11'' with a phallus like a bird-dog.

ToolMyTightAss: Big tits and a sweet ass.

CNICE 05: how big r ur tits?

ToolMyTightAss: Like this. With nipples this long.

CNICE 05: what?

ToolMyTightAss: Seriously.

ToolMyTightAss: How big is your bag?

CNICE 05: serioulsy what?

ToolMyTightAss: I lopve bag.

ToolMyTightAss: love*

CNICE 05: you said like this?

CNICE 05: like what?

ToolMyTightAss: Love me some sweet, sweet bag.

ToolMyTightAss: Like this, stupid fuck.

ToolMyTightAss: Put your hands up.

ToolMyTightAss: Like that.

ToolMyTightAss: See?

ToolMyTightAss: Right.

CNICE 05: ok

ToolMyTightAss: Now how big is your bag.

ToolMyTightAss: Measure it. Yank it down and measure from your asshole down.

CNICE 05: you want to know how big my sack is?

CNICE 05: do u want to know how big my cock is?

CNICE 05: hello?

ToolMyTightAss: yes

ToolMyTightAss: No, bag. Measure your bag.

CNICE 05: ok..

ToolMyTightAss: Cock is for first-timers. Bag is where its at.

CNICE 05: its like between 5 and 6 inches

CNICE 05: you like to suck on them?

ToolMyTightAss: No, get a Goddamned ruler and find out for sure so I know.

ToolMyTightAss: Yes, I love to suck them.

CNICE 05: i did its between 5 and 6 inches

CNICE 05: so like 5 and a half

ToolMyTightAss: That means 5, you exaggerator.

CNICE 05: well whatever

ToolMyTightAss: Now tell me what you like.

CNICE 05: i like to get head and i love to fuck, also i love eating girls out

CNICE 05: yuor really 14?

ToolMyTightAss: Yep. Do you eat ass?

ToolMyTightAss: I like my ass ate.

CNICE 05: sorry i got kicked off

ToolMyTightAss: Eat my ass, fuck-nick.

ToolMyTightAss: C'mon. Bore out my brown door with your spice-taster.

CNICE 05: youre kind of a strange girl

ToolMyTightAss: I love to have my ass eaten, don't you?

CNICE 05: r u sure your 14?

CNICE 05: nope

ToolMyTightAss: Strange?

CNICE 05: dont want anything near my ass

ToolMyTightAss: You don't eat ass and *I'm* strange?

ToolMyTightAss: Puh-leese.

CNICE 05: i didnt say i didnt eat ass

CNICE 05: i said i dont want mine eaten

ToolMyTightAss: I can make it look like a pussy for you.

CNICE 05: ill lik a girls ass

CNICE 05: id rather eat pussy

ToolMyTightAss: I wioll paste raw strips of beef liver around my asshole and tack a brillo pad to my spine.

ToolMyTightAss: will*

ToolMyTightAss: It'll look just like the cunt that you're used to.

ToolMyTightAss: Ready?

ToolMyTightAss: Wait.

ToolMyTightAss: Before we start, lube up you ass. Just in case.

ToolMyTightAss: Hey, wake up fuck-bunion, my ass is leaking Crisco like the Exxon Valdez.


ToolMyTightAss: You are a big blue-balling cocktease. I hope you get syphillis in your eyes.


Previous message was not received by NICE 05 because of error: User NICE 05 is not available.


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