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Doug is "PorkPipeAnnie"


firemn2001: hey

PorkPipeAnnie: Are you really a fireman????

firemn2001: how are u tonight?

firemn2001: no

PorkPipeAnnie: Cuz I am a burn victim!

firemn2001: really?

PorkPipeAnnie: Yep.

firemn2001: u have a pic?

PorkPipeAnnie: Why do say you are a fireman if you are not?

firemn2001: its a song i like

PorkPipeAnnie: What song?

firemn2001: by george strait called the fireman

PorkPipeAnnie: Wow, what do you do for reals?

firemn2001: go to school

firemn2001: whats your a/s/l?

PorkPipeAnnie: How old are you?

firemn2001: im 15

firemn2001: u?

PorkPipeAnnie: Oh, fuck off.

firemn2001: why?

PorkPipeAnnie: Read a profile one time

firemn2001: lol well i kinda lied b/c i thought it said older then 20

firemn2001: so are we still cool?

firemn2001: im not 15

firemn2001: are u there?

firemn2001: ok ignore me its your loss

PorkPipeAnnie: fuck off i said

firemn2001: u couldnt handle me anyway

PorkPipeAnnie: how old are you, homo?

firemn2001: im 21

PorkPipeAnnie: Why would you lie?

PorkPipeAnnie: You lied to me before.

PorkPipeAnnie: Thats fucked up.

firemn2001: b/c i thought your profile said under 20

firemn2001: not when your horny

PorkPipeAnnie: So, you will lie and say anything to get a girl to cyber you?

PorkPipeAnnie: Well then you have to start.

PorkPipeAnnie: If you are really 21 you should be pretty good.

firemn2001: do u masterbate?

PorkPipeAnnie: No, cockchugger, I cyber without masturbating. I do it for the art.

PorkPipeAnnie: Fucking nitwit.

firemn2001: well i like to talk about masterbating

PorkPipeAnnie: Yes, I jack off like a monkey.

PorkPipeAnnie: Get at it.

firemn2001: lol tell me what your wearing first

PorkPipeAnnie: So far you ain't said shit.

firemn2001: tell me what your wearing and i will

PorkPipeAnnie: I am wearing CareBear footy pajamas with the ass flap in the back.

firemn2001: your too damn young for me

PorkPipeAnnie: I fuck like a freight train though.

firemn2001: cant say much to that can ya?

firemn2001: how do u masterbate?

PorkPipeAnnie: I put nut butter on my goop-hole and let Schmaltzie lick it off.

PorkPipeAnnie: Schmaltzie is almost 16 years old.

PorkPipeAnnie: Dad says we may have to put him to sleep.

PorkPipeAnnie: Evidently his diet is ruining his digestive system.

PorkPipeAnnie: My fault, who knows? All I know is if I touch it myself I go to Hell.



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