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Poop Is Funny

Doug is "PorkPipeAnnie"


bedlam000: hey there. what's up?

PorkPipeAnnie: Me, like a flagpole!

PorkPipeAnnie: Done a ton of meth.

bedlam000: how does it make you feel?

PorkPipeAnnie: Like killing a hooker.

PorkPipeAnnie: How old are you?

bedlam000: 24

PorkPipeAnnie: Sweet!

bedlam000: u?

PorkPipeAnnie: 13

PorkPipeAnnie: 14 in June

PorkPipeAnnie: How big is your cock???

bedlam000: 7 inches, but thick.

PorkPipeAnnie: Got a pic?

bedlam000: not on this system. you?

PorkPipeAnnie: Nope.

PorkPipeAnnie: Got one on a site?

bedlam000: checking to see if it's still there. what about you?

bedlam000: in the meantime, tell me what you look like (details)....

bedlam000: ... and what you're wearing.

bedlam000: sorry, can't find it.

PorkPipeAnnie: k

PorkPipeAnnie: I look like Nancy from the comic strip!

bedlam000: what's that?

PorkPipeAnnie: I'm wearing CareBear footy pajamas with the ass flap in the back.

bedlam000: what do you look like, since i don't know nancy

PorkPipeAnnie: Hot and sweet and ready to get jiggy!

bedlam000: measurements?

PorkPipeAnnie: 8 hard.

bedlam000: i got a bathrobe on.

bedlam000: that's all

PorkPipeAnnie: Well take it off. It's blocking your ass.

bedlam000: it's off. what do you want to do to me?

PorkPipeAnnie: Do you have lotion?

bedlam000: yeah, several kinds

PorkPipeAnnie: Get the kind that won't effect your insides too bad.

PorkPipeAnnie: Now grease up real good.

PorkPipeAnnie: Get the ass good. Just in case.

bedlam000: you should put it on me.

bedlam000: or do you like to watch.

PorkPipeAnnie: Whatever you like.

bedlam000: watch.

PorkPipeAnnie: What do your parents do?

bedlam000: work

PorkPipeAnnie: No, I mean in bed?

bedlam000: dunno

bedlam000: dont want to know

PorkPipeAnnie: My dad usually fucks her in the ass and then pounds off on her asscheeks.

PorkPipeAnnie: Maybe we could do that?

bedlam000: you going to play with my ass at all?

PorkPipeAnnie: Oh ya.

bedlam000: putting on lotion....

PorkPipeAnnie: Lay down on your belly and put all the lotion on your ass.

bedlam000: it makes my cock hard putting it on.

bedlam000: spreading my legs....

bedlam000: using two fingers to put it on, and probing my ass too...

bedlam000: help me put it on.

PorkPipeAnnie: Ok, my cock is getting real hard as I put lotion on your ass..

PorkPipeAnnie: Are you ready?

bedlam000: you haave any toys?

PorkPipeAnnie: I take my big fat uncut cock, flick the beetles off it and plunge it in your ass.

bedlam000: start slow

PorkPipeAnnie: You can feel your blood teeming with the HIV as atear up your dirty backside!

PorkPipeAnnie: I tear*

PorkPipeAnnie: You feel the walls of your rectum being torn as you begin to shit yourself.

PorkPipeAnnie: The smell make me crazy and I start to blow my load.

PorkPipeAnnie: Unfortunately there is poop clogging up my pisshole and my load backfires, exploding one of my nuts!

PorkPipeAnnie: Did you come yet?

PorkPipeAnnie: I need some play here.

PorkPipeAnnie: hellooooo?

bedlam000: ummmm, you're pretty fucked up.

PorkPipeAnnie: My pussy is getting wet but I need you to put me over the top.

bedlam000: you a herme

PorkPipeAnnie: No, this is all fantasy.

PorkPipeAnnie: If you don't like it, tell me what you want changed.

bedlam000: i lost my hard on with that poop stuff

bedlam000: and getting my ass wrecked

bedlam000: altough it was funny

PorkPipeAnnie: Funny? It's usually the only way I can get a nut.

PorkPipeAnnie: Maybe it's the meth.

PorkPipeAnnie: Anyway... lets get back to fucking! :)

bedlam000: ok

bedlam000: you a girl?

bedlam000: or a guy?

PorkPipeAnnie: Sure. Now eat my pussy.

bedlam000: tell me about your pussy

PorkPipeAnnie: It looks like Rocky's eye after the fight its so swollen for you.

PorkPipeAnnie: Now eat my ass.

bedlam000: ok...

PorkPipeAnnie: tell me about it.

bedlam000: hows it feel?

PorkPipeAnnie: Like when I had worms.

bedlam000: i like rimming it first, then prodding it apart with two fingers

PorkPipeAnnie: Maybe I should eat your ass instead. I'm feeling gassy.

bedlam000: ok

bedlam000: you going to eat it?

bedlam000: what do you like about my ass?

PorkPipeAnnie: *Holds you down. With one hand pinching my nose shut, I put my dolly down and enter your ass with my tongue.*

PorkPipeAnnie: Mmmmmmm.

PorkPipeAnnie: You don't wipe very well.

bedlam000: sorry

bedlam000: go for a reacharound

PorkPipeAnnie: You taste like black cock. Whats that all about?

bedlam000: dunno

PorkPipeAnnie: Ok, I reach around and feel your cock.

PorkPipeAnnie: Its length is inferior to mine and I know I am right to be in the drivers seat.

bedlam000: you like it?

PorkPipeAnnie: "Are you ready to party, little lady?" as fear mounts in your eye and a swelling starts near your gaping sphincter.

bedlam000: ok

PorkPipeAnnie: I stick my syphlitic man cock in your shit pipe.

PorkPipeAnnie: I plows through into your liver and you begin to hemmorage.

bedlam000: bummer

PorkPipeAnnie: I pull my cock out and ask you how it feels to be the little girl..

bedlam000: great

PorkPipeAnnie: I squat over you as you try to speak, blood gurgling from your mouth.

PorkPipeAnnie: I let loose with a stream of wormy ass vomit into your mouth.

PorkPipeAnnie: You start to come.

bedlam000: ok

PorkPipeAnnie: Your mother walks in and asks what you want for dinner and notices your mouth is full of my feces.

PorkPipeAnnie: You get scolded.

PorkPipeAnnie: It make syou hard again.

bedlam000: so, i gotta admit....

bedlam000: ... you're pretty funny, but are also in serious need of counseling.

bedlam000: get you off the meth

PorkPipeAnnie: I'm pretty funny and articulate for a 13 year old girl, huh?

bedlam000: you are not 13

PorkPipeAnnie: I only do the meth to get me through the pain of the abortion.

PorkPipeAnnie: Yes I am.

bedlam000: you are not a girl

PorkPipeAnnie: I only had the abortion cuz I had done so much meth.

PorkPipeAnnie: Its a vicious circle.

PorkPipeAnnie: Like you really want a girl, you fucking homo.

PorkPipeAnnie: C'mon. Who are you kidding.

PorkPipeAnnie: You want a child, you fucking rapist.

bedlam000: when and if you grow up, you'll understand what all a woman can do

PorkPipeAnnie: You are a pedophile. And you call me sick?

PorkPipeAnnie: Why don't you just go get fucked in a bath house and get it over with rather than rape children?

PorkPipeAnnie: Are your parents still molesting you or is it just the memory that drives you to young girls?

PorkPipeAnnie: Did you finally leave?

bedlam000: no. laughing at your sorry ass.

PorkPipeAnnie: Oh, you'll laugh.

bedlam000: like i said, at least you're funny.

PorkPipeAnnie: The whole world will laugh. Thats why they call it baiting, ninny.

bedlam000: so how old are you -- really?

PorkPipeAnnie: 4.

PorkPipeAnnie: I bet you're even hornier.

PorkPipeAnnie: Fucking child molester.

PorkPipeAnnie: You'll see how people like child molesters, Mr Bedlam.

PorkPipeAnnie: I would smash that computer into little tiny peices if I were you. And then do the same to your genitals.


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