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One Inch

Doug is "cybergrlonwheels"


Ewokshan: hi

cybergrlonwheels: Hello.

Ewokshan: u wanna cyber?

cybergrlonwheels: Yes.

cybergrlonwheels: Begin at once.

Ewokshan: u got a mic?

cybergrlonwheels: No. No I do not.

Ewokshan: what ya wearing?

cybergrlonwheels: I am wearing a hospital gown and protective undergarment.

cybergrlonwheels: Begin the cyber treatment.

Ewokshan: ok

Ewokshan: take ur gown off and let me suck ur nipples

cybergrlonwheels: You have to take it off for me, my hands are palsied and useless.

Ewokshan: ok down

Ewokshan: what size r u breasts

cybergrlonwheels: 65m.

Ewokshan: huh?

cybergrlonwheels: 65m x 4.

cybergrlonwheels: How big is your cock?

Ewokshan: 6 or 7 inches

cybergrlonwheels: Which one?

Ewokshan: 7

cybergrlonwheels: Lets say 5.

Ewokshan: y i told u my size

cybergrlonwheels: Ok. You have 4 inch dick.

Ewokshan: no 7 inch

cybergrlonwheels: 3 1/2 inches of cock.

cybergrlonwheels: And I want it all.

cybergrlonwheels: Whats your name?

Ewokshan: what the hell r u talking about

cybergrlonwheels: I am talking about taking your 3 inch cock in my mouth.

Ewokshan: u can have it all but is 7 inch

Ewokshan: andrew

cybergrlonwheels: Ok, Andy. Fuck my ass with your 2 3/4 inch cock.

cybergrlonwheels: Give it to me sooo good.

Ewokshan: ok let me lick ur ass up and down

cybergrlonwheels: Mmmm

Ewokshan: slide my cock inside

cybergrlonwheels: Yes. Lick all the little peices of toilet paper that are glued into the wirey ass-hairs.

cybergrlonwheels: Slide your cock in me, using the weeping bedsores as a fine lubricant.

Ewokshan: ok ur getting really disgusting

cybergrlonwheels: I am paralyzed and wheelchair bound. If that is "disgusting" then you are a sicko.

Ewokshan: no being paralyzed isn't disgusting

cybergrlonwheels: I'm sorry if I can't wipe, shave and keep up my physical appearance like other girls.

cybergrlonwheels: I was just being honest.

cybergrlonwheels: Now take out your cock.

Ewokshan: i c

cybergrlonwheels: I want you to stroke yourself for me until your dick reaches its full 2 1/4 inches.

cybergrlonwheels: Mmmmm.

cybergrlonwheels: I makes my pussy wet to watch you.

Ewokshan: good

Ewokshan: its been fully erect for u

cybergrlonwheels: I lay on my back, my torso twisted like a worm on a hot sidewalk, while you stand over me and beat your 2 inch dick majectically over me, as though you were about to annoit me with a healing sperm from Jesus.

cybergrlonwheels: majestically*

Ewokshan: ok i will

cybergrlonwheels: My puusy gets wet, then it coughs and backfires - emitting a phlegm-like fluviatic sludge-wad.

cybergrlonwheels: Now it is ready and open for you.

cybergrlonwheels: Take me.

cybergrlonwheels: Tell me what you would do to me if you were here at the hospice.

Ewokshan: i do i fuck the living shit out of u

cybergrlonwheels: But how?

cybergrlonwheels: (Use a little detail)

Ewokshan: sneak in at night

cybergrlonwheels: Ok. Becareful of my breathing tube.

Ewokshan: ok

cybergrlonwheels: I am in my motorized chair waiting at the window.

cybergrlonwheels: Well?

cybergrlonwheels: You have to talk back, homo, or it isn't cyber.

cybergrlonwheels: And I want all your cock in me NOW!

cybergrlonwheels: Oh man. You really suck at this.

cybergrlonwheels: I got bumped.

cybergrlonwheels: I thought you had left me.

Ewokshan: no

Ewokshan: which opening would u like it in

cybergrlonwheels: I was going to disconnect my feeding tube I was so sad.

cybergrlonwheels: How about my trachea hole.

cybergrlonwheels: ?

Ewokshan: ur mouth?

cybergrlonwheels: No, its the hole in my neck where my breathing tube goes. You'd have to come quick though or I'll die.

cybergrlonwheels: Or my mouth. Whichever.


Previous message was not received by Ewokshan because of error: User Ewokshan is not available.


cybergrlonwheels: Just when I was about to get an inch and a half of cock.

Previous message was not received by Ewokshan because of error: User Ewokshan is not available.


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