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Gangsta Abort

Doug is "FreeAbortions"


SCBGangsta: You know, you are an idiot

FreeAbortions: We are simply trying to provide a much needed service.

SCBGangsta: it's wrong

SCBGangsta: you are in the wrong place, no one

in a christian chat room is goin to join your "service"

SCBGangsta: you are telling lies about

FreeAbortions: We provide upwards of 600 abortions nationwide to young girls who

would otherwise not be able to get abortions due to state laws or financial burdens.

FreeAbortions: That is per day.

SCBGangsta: yup, and you will have to answer for it someday

FreeAbortions: And we are in the right place, where girls are riddled with lies about

Heaven and Hell, afraid to do the right thing and get rid of the curse of pregnancy.

FreeAbortions: We are here to help you.

SCBGangsta: you aren't here to help anyone

FreeAbortions: Yes we are. We are here to help you, gansta.

SCBGangsta: Just know that what you're doing is wrong and you will have to answer for it someday

FreeAbortions: Did you know you can make up to 50 dollars for anyone you refer to our

service that has a successful termination?

SCBGangsta: Killing babies is NOT the right hting

SCBGangsta: no i didn't, it wouldn't matter NONE of my friends would EVER, EVER consider it

SCBGangsta: Cause they know it's wrong :-)

FreeAbortions: Babies are a terrible thing to do to a woman. It ruins your figure and

makes you unattractive to any decent and respectable gentleman.

SCBGangsta: Babies are a gift from God

SCBGangsta: They grow up to be kids, kids are fun to be around

FreeAbortions: Babies are a curse.

SCBGangsta: abortions are a curse

FreeAbortions: We are currently working to pass legislation that will allow termination of

a child all the way up to 18 months old.

FreeAbortions: Studies show very few cognisant skills through that age.

FreeAbortions: That way parents can make sure their child is healthy and somewhat attractive before they decide.

SCBGangsta: oh really, I hope you fail

FreeAbortions: It has already cleared the House and now should not have a problem

clearing the Senate since Mr Jefford switched to the Democratic party.

SCBGangsta: but if you don't, know that God is goin to punish you for it

SCBGangsta: God's wrath will hardly be somethin to laugh at

FreeAbortions: Soon we will help make this world a better and safer place by choosing

how many and what type of people are permitted.

SCBGangsta: Not as long as their are christians

FreeAbortions: "ther are", not "Their are".

FreeAbortions: God would hate ignorance if he did exist.

SCBGangsta: thank you

SCBGangsta: It's great that God speaks so clearly against abortion

SCBGangsta: No way it can be right :-)

FreeAbortions: Christians are scientifically proven 38 percent more likely to have

children with birth defects. Why is that?

FreeAbortions: They are nearly 60 percent more likely to have a child born into

poverty, and 41 percent more likely to have a child taken away for neglect and abuse.

FreeAbortions: I am waiting for your explaination.

SCBGangsta: Those are ridiculous statistics

SCBGangsta: you can't relate statistics about birth defects to spirituality

FreeAbortions: Those are hard statistics, and they have been studied by both sides,

Christian and non-denominational.

SCBGangsta: Who did the stats?

FreeAbortions: Those figures came from Christian sources when the push was on to

make changes to the rhetoric of the day.

FreeAbortions: Those were 1999 figures but I doubt they have changed much.

SCBGangsta: give me the source

SCBGangsta: thats what i thought

SCBGangsta: God despises what you do, just lettin you know

SCBGangsta: bye

FreeAbortions: God was just here for an




Previous message was not received by

SCBGangsta because of error: User

SCBGangsta is not available.


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