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Long Abortion Bait

Doug is "Free Abortions"


heyjoe1970: is ur profile serious?

FreeAbortions: Yes, sir. May we help you?

heyjoe1970: no seriously, u actually do abortions, or r u just mocking those who

think abortions should be legal?

heyjoe1970: ?

FreeAbortions: Sir, we don't have time to "mock" people. We provide a much needed

service to girls who are too young legally or too poor financially to have early termination.

heyjoe1970: if ur serious, then y do u refer to the word kill so much?

FreeAbortions: If you need our services, I will be glad to help you. Otherwise, There

are many people waiting foe help.

FreeAbortions: Because it is killing. We do not deny that.

heyjoe1970: can u please just answer my question

heyjoe1970: so y do u do it then?

heyjoe1970: u think killing is right?

FreeAbortions: In this instance, not only is it right, it is necessary.

heyjoe1970: how is it right or necessary?

heyjoe1970: i'm confused

heyjoe1970: ur murdering an innocent baby

FreeAbortions: The world is breaking at the seams with unwanted children. They are

depleting the natural resources of the Earth and destroying the economy.

heyjoe1970: so because the earth is overcrowded, we should kill some ppl to

make room?

heyjoe1970: or to save room

FreeAbortions: Killing them is the only solution. We are currently working to pass

legislation to allow termination up to 18 months of age, before the child shows any real cognisant skills.

heyjoe1970: killing is the only solution?

FreeAbortions: hat way parents can make sure their child is healthy and somewhat

attractive before they decide.

heyjoe1970: do u realize what ur saying?

FreeAbortions: How else do you suppose to deplete the population?

FreeAbortions: Adding people?

FreeAbortions: Staying at the same amount of people?

FreeAbortions: Or getting rid of people?

heyjoe1970: we accept the mistakes ppl make

FreeAbortions: We kill the mistakes people make.

heyjoe1970: but we also push for schools to start teaching abstenance instead of safe sex

FreeAbortions: Over 600 per day nationwide just through our service.

heyjoe1970: at no time

heyjoe1970: except in self defense

heyjoe1970: is killing a plausable option

FreeAbortions: We also have education services, teaching young people about

sodomy as a safe and fun alternative that safeguards against pregnancy.

heyjoe1970: u kill babies

FreeAbortions: This IS a case of self defense.

heyjoe1970: how?

heyjoe1970: its not

heyjoe1970: the teen's life isnt in danger

heyjoe1970: if nething

FreeAbortions: One baby will ruin your whole life, not to mention make you unattractive and ruin your figure.

heyjoe1970: ur puttin that teen's life in danger

heyjoe1970: oh God

heyjoe1970: u know

heyjoe1970: number one, one must live with ur mistake

heyjoe1970: if u get pregnant, its ur own fault

heyjoe1970: not the baby growing inside of u

FreeAbortions: No we are not. In over 65,000 abortions we have only recorded

991 deaths and 2,880 serious injuries.

heyjoe1970: and also, how can u justify murdering a baby with what the outcome of

your physical attributes will be like after pregnancy?

FreeAbortions: Sir, make your points one at a time so that I may respond.

heyjoe1970: sorry

heyjoe1970: but how can u justify murder with what will happen to ur looks?

FreeAbortions: We are trying to save young women from the heartache of having

childbirth destroy thefigure so that men will not want them in the future.

FreeAbortions: Have you ever been with a woman after she has given birth?

heyjoe1970: wait

heyjoe1970: let me get this straight

heyjoe1970: because a woman might gain a few pounds

FreeAbortions: Have you ever seen a woman naked after the horoor of childbirth?

heyjoe1970: she should kill her unborn child?

heyjoe1970: no, sadly i havent

heyjoe1970: but even if u have a child, if the woman stays in shape and eats right,

she will looks just as good

FreeAbortions: Gain weight, stretch marks, drooping breasts, and a dialated vagina that

is no longer able to comfort a man?

heyjoe1970: obviously the dialated vagina cant be too bad if married couples have

sex long after the wife gives child birth

FreeAbortions: No woman should go through that when its just as easy to climb

into one of our vans and within 25 minutes be free to carry on with the rest of your life.

heyjoe1970: if the woman makes the choice to have sex

heyjoe1970: she should have to go thru that

heyjoe1970: it was her choice

heyjoe1970: and hers alone

heyjoe1970: no one else

heyjoe1970: s

heyjoe1970: *elses

FreeAbortions: She also has the choice to call us and have that horrible child quickly and conveniently removed.

FreeAbortions: Her choice, no one elses.

heyjoe1970: also if she makes that choice

heyjoe1970: it is affecting the human being inside of her much more than it affects her

FreeAbortions: If he can step up and give me an argument why he should get into this

world, I am taking him out.

FreeAbortions: Unless he can, I should have said.

heyjoe1970: no one needs an argument to be able to have the chance to live

heyjoe1970: that is a natural right

FreeAbortions: Not anymore. And while we are alive, we are doing everything possible that girls make the right choice and kill any pregnancy like it were a flu virus.

heyjoe1970: it is, it is now, it was, and will always be

FreeAbortions: We are in chatrooms all over the web, from Spice Girls to CareBears, to

spread the word while they are young and impressionable.

heyjoe1970: and a baby is not a flu virus

heyjoe1970: a baby is a human being

heyjoe1970: u r literally murdering ppl

heyjoe1970: u r just as bad as charles manson

heyjoe1970: or timothy mcveigh

heyjoe1970: or ne other killer

heyjoe1970: and not only that

heyjoe1970: u r promoting murder

FreeAbortions: No, its not a human being. If it is, well I got a new friend for you. He's in a puddle in a blue haz-mat baggie.

heyjoe1970: how isnt it a human being?

heyjoe1970: how isnt a baby in a womb a human being?

heyjoe1970: just cause it cant talk to u?

FreeAbortions: Its a big bag of gook, freshly vacuumed from an 13 yr old girls uterus.

heyjoe1970: could u please answer me

heyjoe1970: how is a baby in a womb, not a human being?

FreeAbortions: It is a human being. It's just an unwelcome one.

FreeAbortions: And we are the bouncers.

heyjoe1970: just cause u dont want it here u murder it?

heyjoe1970: so should i go out and start mowing down illegal immigrants?

FreeAbortions: Why can't we teach young ladies when they are still 11

FreeAbortions: ...



heyjoe1970: The last message was not sent because you are over the rate limit. Please wait until

sending is re-enabled and send the message again.



heyjoe1970: y cant u teach them that abortion is right?

FreeAbortions: 11 or 12 years old that they can just as easily please a man with her

mouth or anus and not risk getting pregnant and dragging down both parties.

heyjoe1970: ok, number one

heyjoe1970: y would u teach an 11 or 12 year old that anal or oral sex is right b4

they r married?

FreeAbortions: We are trying to eliminate marriage altogether. It is a church issue that

should not be recognized by the govt.

FreeAbortions: Besides, oral and anal sex is a lot more fun than no sex.

FreeAbortions: Why shouldn't kids do it?

FreeAbortions: ?

heyjoe1970: k, oral sex, i guess thats fine, i would be a hypocrit to say it is wrong to

do it b4 marriage

heyjoe1970: but there is still a small chance a woman can get pregnant with anal sex

FreeAbortions: Oh, you are really well schooled, arent you?

heyjoe1970: i just have a good memory

heyjoe1970: and like to learn

FreeAbortions: You are trying to tell me, a medical professional, that you can get

pregnant from buttfucking?

FreeAbortions: I was being sarcastic, nitiwt.

heyjoe1970: duh

FreeAbortions: You cant get pregnant from sodomy.

heyjoe1970: sodomy is still sex, premarrital sex is wrong

FreeAbortions: Never ever ever. Unles you rip her asshole so wide open as to be

unable to differentiate between her ass and clam.

FreeAbortions: Wrong to you, you chose to beleive in silliness.

heyjoe1970: r u warning me?

FreeAbortions: Nope.

FreeAbortions: I dont warn people unless they warn me.

heyjoe1970: w/ i'm guessin u r an atheist?

FreeAbortions: I have to wrap this up, I have to bring the van down to the school to meet Nancy, a 14 yr old who had the misfortune of trusting dollar store condoms.

heyjoe1970: just answer my last question

FreeAbortions: We have a ride-along program to show people how easy and fun

an abortion can be. Would you be interested in an internship?

heyjoe1970: can u please just asnwer my question

heyjoe1970: r u an atheist?

FreeAbortions: We even have some doctors that perform the surgeries dressed as

clowns to put the patients at ease.

heyjoe1970: is that question to hard to answer?

heyjoe1970: to many big words?

heyjoe1970: *too

FreeAbortions: I am just me, sir. I am an individual. I subscribe to no label.

heyjoe1970: so i'm guessin u believe in no supreme being?

FreeAbortions: You just told me that getting your cock sucked isnt a problem with your

religion. Ithink you made that rule up on your own, making you not a person of that

religion but a remodeled version of that religion. Therefore it made you an individual too.

FreeAbortions: Understand?


heyjoe1970: The last message was not sent because you are over the rate limit. Please wait until

sending is re-enabled and send the message again.



heyjoe1970: when did i say oral sex wasnt a prob with my religion

heyjoe1970: ?

heyjoe1970: it is

FreeAbortions: : k, oral sex, i guess thats fine, i would be a hypocrit to

heyjoe1970: cause i'm not gonna advertise it, cause i made a mistake once

FreeAbortions: A mistake?

heyjoe1970: i got drunk, got a blow job

heyjoe1970: didnt realize what i was doin

FreeAbortions: Sweet!

heyjoe1970: sweet?

heyjoe1970: how old r u?

FreeAbortions: I am a 34 year old woman.

FreeAbortions: I love to suck a guys cock. I also love to get fucked in the ass.

heyjoe1970: what 34 year old woman thinks that gettin a blow job while drunk is sweet?

heyjoe1970: ur not a very good liar

FreeAbortions: I am a free thining woman. There's a lot of us out there if you step

outside your dogmatic circle now and again.

FreeAbortions: Read my profile, sir. I have no reason to lie to you.

heyjoe1970: if i did step out of my dogmatic circle, then i would meet ppl like u

FreeAbortions: And get your cock sucked again.

FreeAbortions: How horrible.


heyjoe1970: The last message was not sent because you are over the rate limit. Please wait until

sending is re-enabled and send the message again.



heyjoe1970: r u tryin to be funny?

heyjoe1970: seriously, i feel sorry for u, but i'm not gonna judge u

FreeAbortions: No, I am being serious. What didn't you like about getting a blow job?

heyjoe1970: u could just be a good person who made some mistakes and said some

stupid things, i'll let God judge u

heyjoe1970: Its not that i didnt like it

FreeAbortions: Was it the cumming or the feel-good part?

heyjoe1970: its against my religion

heyjoe1970: i shouldnt have done it

FreeAbortions: It isn't your religion. Its your parents religion. Why? Because it was their parents religion. That goes all the way back to the days where you were burned alive for

questioning Christ.

FreeAbortions: If you teach a child anything that strongly when they are little, they will

have no cause to do anything but buy it wholeheartedly.

heyjoe1970: it is my religion

heyjoe1970: i had the chose to reject it

heyjoe1970: my parents have always made that clear

heyjoe1970: they always told me i didnt have to go to church

heyjoe1970: i could sit on my ass

heyjoe1970: i could reject God

heyjoe1970: but i didnt

FreeAbortions: People in the middle east blow shit up in the name of their religion.

They were taught that it was right as a child.

heyjoe1970: i chose to believe in God

heyjoe1970: they r ignorant to the truth

heyjoe1970: they dont know nething else

FreeAbortions: So if NOBODY else beleived in the bible and you had NEVER heard of


FreeAbortions: shut up and listen...

FreeAbortions: Never heard of the Bible and you stumbled across it in a used book

store.. you would believe it without question?

heyjoe1970: not if i knew nothing bout it

heyjoe1970: y do u think the apostles preached?

FreeAbortions: If you found it on your own and read it without anyone else ever hearing of it.

heyjoe1970: how else would ppl learn bout Christ?

heyjoe1970: i dont know, i cant say

FreeAbortions: What if no one else ever beleived in Christ all these years, and you

founf what the apostles couldnt sell?

heyjoe1970: i have no clue

FreeAbortions: No you fucking wouldnt and you know it.

FreeAbortions: You are a sheep and if you use any logic you will know it.

FreeAbortions: Be a free thinker.

heyjoe1970: u know nothin bout God obviously

FreeAbortions: Be an individual.

heyjoe1970: i was not forced to be a catholic

heyjoe1970: i was given the choice of goin to a different church

heyjoe1970: or not goin to church at all

heyjoe1970: i could stop goin to church now

heyjoe1970: God gave us free will

heyjoe1970: and the ability to learn

FreeAbortions: My free will allows me to kill babies.

heyjoe1970: and if u want to do that

FreeAbortions: So why are you trying to impede on my God-given free will?

heyjoe1970: God doesnt agree with that

heyjoe1970: but go ahead

FreeAbortions: I know God.

heyjoe1970: i'm just tryin to find out y u think the way u do

heyjoe1970: i am confused about how someone can just kill a baby

FreeAbortions: He told me to get rid of some of the junk that is fucking up his planet.

FreeAbortions: I use tongs and crush their heads but there are lots of different ways.

heyjoe1970: look at what ur saying

heyjoe1970: dont u have any morals?

heyjoe1970: any concept of good and evil?

FreeAbortions: Yes, I don't fuck black men.

FreeAbortions: They are too fertile and too big for the mouth or ass.

FreeAbortions: Otherwise, no.

heyjoe1970: humans are supposed to be the masters of this planet because we are able to use our reasoning power

heyjoe1970: but u disprove that whole idea

FreeAbortions: Listen.

heyjoe1970: u listen

heyjoe1970: u r killin ppl

heyjoe1970: that is wrong

FreeAbortions: 15,000 people are born per hour.

heyjoe1970: even if u r an atheist

heyjoe1970: u should know that is wrong


heyjoe1970: u shut up

heyjoe1970: u dont know what ur saying

heyjoe1970: the end doesnt justify the means

FreeAbortions: 15,000 born, 6,000 die.

FreeAbortions: That leaves 9,000 per hour surplus.

heyjoe1970: so?

FreeAbortions: That number grows each day.

heyjoe1970: ok, point?

FreeAbortions: The planet on the other hand, doesnt grow an inch.

FreeAbortions: Soon we are out of room, out of food, out of time.

FreeAbortions: We will be extinct.

heyjoe1970: God gave us the power to reason and the gift of intelligence

FreeAbortions: Like dinosaurs.

heyjoe1970: dinosaurs were animals

heyjoe1970: which had lil reason

heyjoe1970: and lil intelligence

heyjoe1970: o, nevermind

heyjoe1970: sorry

heyjoe1970: we wont go extinct

FreeAbortions: Not according to the Bible or Catholic church.

FreeAbortions: Dinosaurs didnt exist according to the church

heyjoe1970: no, u r wrong

FreeAbortions: But you have no idea what you are talking about!!!

heyjoe1970: u have none

heyjoe1970: the catholic church doesnt believe in the creation story, or evolution

heyjoe1970: it leaves that decision up to the followers of the church to make that


FreeAbortions: The church says that dinosaur bones were put on Earth to test your faith.

FreeAbortions: Bullshit.

FreeAbortions: Listen, I am going to be late killing this baby.

heyjoe1970: no it does not

heyjoe1970: u have no idea what the catholic faith is bout

heyjoe1970: so dont start pullin stuff out of ur ass to support ur argument

FreeAbortions: She was going to name him Natahan. I talked her into letting me crush

its head. I had to pay her over 400 dollars and I dont want to be late.

FreeAbortions: Ask a lot of questions at church, look for the contradictions.

heyjoe1970: there are none

heyjoe1970: look at ur life

FreeAbortions: If you are right, there shouldnt be a problem looking.

heyjoe1970: look for the contradictions

FreeAbortions: Man, I am covered in dead baby from head to toe.

heyjoe1970: i'll be prayin

FreeAbortions: Thats the problem with this job, all the fluvia gets on everything and

stinks like the dead.

heyjoe1970: that when u r judged

heyjoe1970: God is merciful

heyjoe1970: i hope u realize what u r doin someday

FreeAbortions: God will have me abort his next kid to save us from all this fucking


heyjoe1970: i feel sorry for u

heyjoe1970: i truly feel sorry for u

FreeAbortions: I like your mustard, son. ever thought about getting in the abortion biz? I could give you training and a small salary. If you still think its wrong after a year, quit.

heyjoe1970: did u have a bad child hood or something?

heyjoe1970: or a really bad experience?

FreeAbortions: You'll get a lot of pussy. Every hot chick wants to go out with an

abortion doctor. Fringe benefits.

FreeAbortions: No, I had a great childhood.

FreeAbortions: That remind me, I gotta get my baby from daycare.

heyjoe1970: u'll be in my prayers

heyjoe1970: and may God have mercy on ur soul

FreeAbortions: If you keep thinking God is going to fix everything so you dont have to

take responsibility, you're gonna end up fucked.

heyjoe1970: responsibility for what?

FreeAbortions: Earth is dying, you're kind are killing it by being fruitful and multiplying.

heyjoe1970: earth is only dying cause of ppl like u

heyjoe1970: who take the easy way

heyjoe1970: and not the right way

FreeAbortions: Starvation, overpopulation, dirty water supplies, lacking natural


FreeAbortions: How does the church recommend we cure those problems?

FreeAbortions: 9,000 people an hour.

heyjoe1970: the church recommends we solve those problems by being charitable

heyjoe1970: and helpin ur fellow man



heyjoe1970: charity shares what we have

FreeAbortions: Try another answer.

FreeAbortions: 9,000 people an hour.

heyjoe1970: the USA uses like 60% of the worlds resources

heyjoe1970: 60%!!!!

heyjoe1970: and we have like 4% of the world's population

FreeAbortions: The point is that the world population keeps growing and we will

eventually run out of room.

FreeAbortions: That is a fact.


heyjoe1970: The last message was not sent because you are over the rate limit. Please wait until

sending is re-enabled and send the message again.



heyjoe1970: not if we think of solutions

heyjoe1970: we have a whole galaxy that we can populate

FreeAbortions: There is no disputing that. Religion teaches you to multiply.

heyjoe1970: religion teaches u to multiply yes

heyjoe1970: but that is what ne other creature does

FreeAbortions: Be fruitful and multiply

FreeAbortions: Until when?

FreeAbortions: So there is your contradiction.

heyjoe1970: until the day of judgment

heyjoe1970: there is no contradiction there

heyjoe1970: u r thinkin on too small a scale

FreeAbortions: See? That is where you deny your own responsibilty by saying God will

come befor e we overrun the Earth.

heyjoe1970: if we use our technology right

heyjoe1970: we will never overrun the earth

FreeAbortions: No. Let me say three thing before you change the subject.

heyjoe1970: what?

FreeAbortions: The Bible says be fruitful and multiply, correct?

heyjoe1970: yes

FreeAbortions: k

FreeAbortions: Poeple continue to do so, but the Earth is only so big so eventually you

have to run out of room.

FreeAbortions: Correct?


heyjoe1970: The last message was not sent because you are over the rate limit. Please wait until

sending is re-enabled and send the message again.



heyjoe1970: not if u go beyond the earth

FreeAbortions: Oh, you are drunk.

FreeAbortions: Goodbye.e-enabled and send the message again.

heyjoe1970: i'm thinkin realistically

FreeAbortions: You are the reason I cant wait to get out of this world.

FreeAbortions: Realistically moving masses of people into space?

FreeAbortions: That is realistic? e message again.

heyjoe1970: you are the reason i am so frustrated with the world

FreeAbortions: That is realistic?

heyjoe1970: yes

heyjoe1970: if we stop focusing on makin better video games

FreeAbortions: Good luck, I have dirty babies to kill.

FreeAbortions: Hope to meet you some day, get you drunk and suck your cock.

heyjoe1970: hope to meet u someday

heyjoe1970: tell u in person i feel sorry u

FreeAbortions: You'll feel sorry for making me take the jism-load from that many years

into my gullet.

FreeAbortions: All that repression in one big, terrible load of coagulating cock-hummus.

FreeAbortions: Good I'd love some sweet sweet cock right now.

heyjoe1970: God bless u

FreeAbortions: All this fighting has made me horny.

FreeAbortions: How should I deal with these feelings?

FreeAbortions: My pussy is sooo wet.

heyjoe1970: get some will power

FreeAbortions: It's hard not to touch it.

heyjoe1970: really?

FreeAbortions: But it feels so good.

FreeAbortions: Yes, really.

heyjoe1970: so what u think God will say to u when u r judged?

heyjoe1970: think he will be merciful

heyjoe1970: for ur sake, he better be

FreeAbortions: Yes, really. Don't you ever get horny?

heyjoe1970: yes

heyjoe1970: i'm a teenager

FreeAbortions: So what do you do?

heyjoe1970: i suppress it

heyjoe1970: do something to get it off my mind

FreeAbortions: Don't you ever break down and just go for it?

heyjoe1970: no

heyjoe1970: just cause u can do something doesnt mean u should

FreeAbortions: I would love to be as strong as you but sometimes I can't help but

dream of a hard cock pushing deep into my sopping wet pussy.

heyjoe1970: u rnt as strong as me cause u cant be

FreeAbortions: I can almost feel it, hard and purple, fucking my wet mouth.

heyjoe1970: u rnt as strong as me cause u dont want to be

FreeAbortions: But I crave that beautiful cock in me.

heyjoe1970: i also crave beatin ppl like u senseless

FreeAbortions: Do you me asking, how big is your cock?

heyjoe1970: i'll brb, lemme get a ruler

FreeAbortions: Hurry up

heyjoe1970: its bout 10ft long

FreeAbortions: This kid is definetly gonna grow up and kill a bunch of people.

heyjoe1970: me?

FreeAbortions: Whats with the violence?

heyjoe1970: what violence?

FreeAbortions: Beating me senseless?

heyjoe1970: ya, ok, someone doesnt know what sarcasm as

heyjoe1970: *is

FreeAbortions: Jesus will ass-rape you into oblivion for thinking that.

heyjoe1970: well Jesus doesnt have sex

heyjoe1970: so he prolly wont

heyjoe1970: but who r u to talk bout violence?

heyjoe1970: u kill babies

FreeAbortions: It has been proven by science that Jesus was not only a homo (they can

tell by the enlarged hypothalamus) but he was into fecalfelia.

heyjoe1970: k

heyjoe1970: i know u r lying

FreeAbortions: Poop-worship. Had asian girls come to his teepee and shit on him.

FreeAbortions: Absolutely true.

FreeAbortions: That is documented in Vatican City.

heyjoe1970: how would u know how big his hypothalamus was?

FreeAbortions: Two Popes were mudered for releasing that info to the public.

FreeAbortions: How would I know?

heyjoe1970: how would neone

FreeAbortions: The Asain chicks measured it.

heyjoe1970: the hypothalamus is part of ur brain.......

FreeAbortions: The ones who shit on him while he whacked.

FreeAbortions: No shit, egghead.

heyjoe1970: r u gonn actually start being serious?

FreeAbortions: Thats how he dies. he was such a ahomo his hypothalamus exploded.

Blew his head off like Kennedy.

heyjoe1970: r do u wanna keep proving to me how much of an ass u really r

heyjoe1970: *or

heyjoe1970: i dont know if ur tryin to be funny or not

heyjoe1970: but i have seriously lost what ever respect i would have had for u

FreeAbortions: Man, The girl that needs the abortion is here. I am going to carve your

SN onto the back of the fetus.

heyjoe1970: thanx, such a sweet gesture

FreeAbortions: Would you lik eme to send it along?

heyjoe1970: how bout u take it

heyjoe1970: and shove it up ur ass

FreeAbortions: There you go, the real Christian is coming out.

heyjoe1970: i was just lettin go of some anger

FreeAbortions: Fuck you.

heyjoe1970: thanx

heyjoe1970: same to u


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Abortion&Religion.. 2x lol!

My pussy is sooo wet!

May 26, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMotherCat

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