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Doug is "ToolMySweetAss"


SBCMonte: hey

ToolMySweetAss: *Answers door* "Uh... yes?

SBCMonte: hi how are you?

ToolMySweetAss: Who the fuck is nicole?

ToolMySweetAss: It says you love her in your fucking profile.

ToolMySweetAss: Who the FUCK is she!!!

SBCMonte: a very close friend of mine

SBCMonte: very close

ToolMySweetAss: You're fucking her, aren't you?

ToolMySweetAss: AREN"T YOU!!??!

SBCMonte: ummmmm

SBCMonte: you could say that

ToolMySweetAss: I can't fucking believe you.

ToolMySweetAss: You are such a fucking jerk.

ToolMySweetAss: *sobs*

SBCMonte: Im sorry

SBCMonte: she is nothing compared to you

ToolMySweetAss: Sorry? That doesn't mean shit to me, sorry.

ToolMySweetAss: And get rid of that black background. It depresses me.

ToolMySweetAss: NOW!!!

SBCMonte: and if i dont?

ToolMySweetAss: Bye.

SBCMonte: lol

SBCMonte: hold on

SBCMonte: here

SBCMonte: wait

SBCMonte: damn it

SBCMonte: it didnt work

ToolMySweetAss: And get a font like a man.

ToolMySweetAss: How fucking old are you?

SBCMonte: yo calm your ass down its only like this cuz im trying to change it for you and Im 20

ToolMySweetAss: Ok. I'm sorry but I just had my baby taken away by social services and I'm really edgy and I wanted cyber to take my mind off it.

SBCMonte: i was just going along with you Im not mad

SBCMonte: you got a pic?

ToolMySweetAss: No, they took everything. My baby, all the naked pics, all my meth, even the beer.

ToolMySweetAss: Now I have to go to court.

ToolMySweetAss: I just want a hardcore s/m cyber session to calm me down.

SBCMonte: damn and your only 14?

ToolMySweetAss: Yep. On the 12th.

SBCMonte: thats my kind of 14 year old

ToolMySweetAss: You grow up quick in the desert.

SBCMonte: how old is your baby?

ToolMySweetAss: 4 months.

ToolMySweetAss: Calvin says its his but it barely looks black.

ToolMySweetAss: It's still no reason to put cigarettes out on it.

SBCMonte: its mine

ToolMySweetAss: Thats not funny.

ToolMySweetAss: If you are gonna be an ass, take off. I'm practically suicidal and I need love and a brutal cyber-beating.

SBCMonte: well then see ya, i dont think your beaing for real, si Im out

ToolMySweetAss: Fine. Nicole is an AIDS whore anyway.


Previous message was not received by SBCMonte because of error: User SBCMonte is not available.


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