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Fuck Allah!

Doug is "ToolMySweetAss"


Lover4U73: HELLOOOO Sweeeet GAl

ToolMySweetAss: Well aren't you a

smooth talker


Lover4U73: THANXXX

Lover4U73: Welcome to my SWeeet Love VAlley

Lover4U73: Hows u N life

ToolMySweetAss: Wow, you make me feel all beautiful and sexy.

ToolMySweetAss: Like Barry White.

ToolMySweetAss: Are you a big fat negro?

Lover4U73: its my pleasure Honey

Lover4U73: I have blak shiny hair, blak hazel eyes strong sexy looking built with 6.2 height and more.......... wat about U

Lover4U73: nooooo honey

Lover4U73: im not Negro but im strong

ToolMySweetAss: I look like George Plimpton with a palsied hand.

Lover4U73: Hey why u r so slow in reply

Lover4U73: im just chillin with u here

ToolMySweetAss: It's the palsied hand. Hard to type.

Lover4U73: I would love if u tell me about u like me

Lover4U73: I wanna imagine right here with me

ToolMySweetAss: Where are you from? You sound so exotic!

ToolMySweetAss: It's making me horny!

Lover4U73: Im from Dublin Ireland Sweet MADAM

Lover4U73: pls tell me about ur hair

Lover4U73: eyes

Lover4U73: height

Lover4U73: Bra

Lover4U73: waist

Lover4U73: and wahtever is sweet to know for me

ToolMySweetAss: My hair all came out with the Chemotherapy.

ToolMySweetAss: My wig is Auburn and curly.

Lover4U73: and....

ToolMySweetAss: My eyes are hazel and the wandery one is milky.

Lover4U73: koooooooooool

ToolMySweetAss: I am also 6' 2"...

Lover4U73: sweeeeet

Lover4U73: Ideal.....

ToolMySweetAss: Waist is 24 inches. Thats without accounting for

the bag.

Lover4U73: and......

ToolMySweetAss: How big is your sweet sweet cock?

Lover4U73: hey urs bra still remaining then u will ask me

Lover4U73: Bra?

ToolMySweetAss: Oh...

ToolMySweetAss: My tits are long and sloppy- like tube socks full

of vomit .

ToolMySweetAss: Thats from all the children.

ToolMySweetAss: I have three.

ToolMySweetAss: And 6 abortions.

Lover4U73: :-Pand size honey

Lover4U73: size of ur bra lol

ToolMySweetAss: Please tell me you have a little cock.

ToolMySweetAss: I like little cocks.

ToolMySweetAss: The smaller the better.

Lover4U73: hey u have threee BOOOOOOBS;-)

Lover4U73: I have very strong like bullet 7 inch long cock my baby

ToolMySweetAss: What?

Lover4U73: hey tell me size of ur bra lol

ToolMySweetAss: Three boobs? What the fuck is that? Are you

insulting me because of my disabilities?


ToolMySweetAss: I have struggled long and hard to overcome my

physical handicaps and i'll be dipped in a bucket of shit if I'm gonna sit here and take guff off of you.

ToolMySweetAss: Now take out your little cock.

ToolMySweetAss: Hello?

Lover4U73: Sorry im back honey

Lover4U73: hey whats size if ur bra lol

ToolMySweetAss: I don't wear one.

Lover4U73: then lol

ToolMySweetAss: I have a fantasy!

Lover4U73: how big they r so that i can imagine

Lover4U73: take me with u in ur fantasy

Lover4U73: im alone at home

Lover4U73: hey whats wu wearing right now

ToolMySweetAss: I want to fuck you in the ass while you piss on the


ToolMySweetAss: There's is nothing dirtier than Muslims!

Lover4U73: really

Lover4U73: how u found that

ToolMySweetAss: Lets shit on the image of Muhammed while we jack off!

ToolMySweetAss: K?

Lover4U73: hey fuck up

Lover4U73: just talk to me about me and u

Lover4U73: nothing else ok

Lover4U73: if u wanna chat

Lover4U73: dont piss me

ToolMySweetAss: I'll put my cock in your ass while you call me Allah!

ToolMySweetAss: Fuck Allah!

Lover4U73: Fuck U Bitch

Lover4U73: Fuck off

ToolMySweetAss: The Koran is for faggots!



Previous message was not received by

Lover4U73 because of error: User

Lover4U73 is not available.


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