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Fuck A Duck

Doug is "dirtybagina"


evrclr83: hey, age/sex/pic

dirtybagina: Read my fucking profile before you bother me you stupid cocksucker.

evrclr83: sorry i didnt know

evrclr83: damn

dirtybagina: Tell me, how old are you?

evrclr83: 18

dirtybagina: Really? And you wrestle?

evrclr83: yeah

dirtybagina: That is sooooooo hot!

dirtybagina: Just the thought of two guys wrestling makes my pussy sauce up like a chilito.

dirtybagina: Are you real good?

evrclr83: yeah

dirtybagina: Wow. You don't, by any chance, like to cyber do you?

evrclr83: yep ;-)

dirtybagina: You dont say much, do you?

dirtybagina: I'd like to cyber but you seem like a mute.

evrclr83: im not... sorry babe

evrclr83: i had 2 go get something

evrclr83: but im back

dirtybagina: So what are you into?

dirtybagina: Other than wearing tights and groping other men?

dirtybagina: (mmmmmm)

evrclr83: i do just about anything baby

evrclr83: what are u into?

dirtybagina: I do it all.

dirtybagina: Oral

dirtybagina: Anal

dirtybagina: Candle wax

dirtybagina: Haiku

evrclr83: anything else?

dirtybagina: Carpet Dogging.

dirtybagina: Hells Bells

dirtybagina: Fecal Doldrums

evrclr83: u ever role play?

dirtybagina: And How!

dirtybagina: Thats my favorite!

evrclr83: really? what are your favorite scenarios?

evrclr83: ?

dirtybagina: Lets do a wrestling?

evrclr83: hmmm.. how so

dirtybagina: Hold on.

evrclr83: k

dirtybagina: Dads on the phone.

evrclr83: k

dirtybagina: Ok, I'm back.

evrclr83: ok

dirtybagina: So lets say I am the first girl to make the wrestling team.

evrclr83: ok... sounds good

dirtybagina: And you dont like it one bit!

evrclr83: hm... whys that?

dirtybagina: Because you are a chauvanist, or at least thats how you make out to be.

evrclr83: ok... i understand

evrclr83: so what does this new female wrestler look like?

dirtybagina: Really you got into wrestling so you could finally wrap your arms around the taught, sweating buttocks of your mouth-watering peers without looking like a homo and I am ruining that for you.

dirtybagina: So you want revenge.

dirtybagina: I look like Dolemite in a leotard.

evrclr83: who?

dirtybagina: Never mind. Lets wrestle!

evrclr83: ok.... babe... ur gonna get it...

dirtybagina: Try me!

evrclr83: i come up 2 u and grab your arms pullin u towards me

dirtybagina: I grab you by the eggbag and twsit. You yelp like a dog under a car tire. The ref calls foul.

dirtybagina: I apologize.

evrclr83: i go over 2 the corner for a sec 2 get things straight

evrclr83: i come back over 2 u

dirtybagina: Your cock is beginning to bulge in your spandex garment.

dirtybagina: All the other wrestlers are jealous.

evrclr83: i cant help but be attracted 2 u

evrclr83: i lunge for u again

dirtybagina: And that is your weaknessQ

dirtybagina: !

evrclr83: im determined 2 beat u

dirtybagina: I see you staring at my sweet package and poke you in the eyes!

dirtybagina: You fall down crying.

evrclr83: i cover them

evrclr83: not knowing what 2 do

dirtybagina: The ref threatens to disqualify me.

dirtybagina: I tell him to lean in so that I can whisper in his ear.

evrclr83: ....?

dirtybagina: He does and I grab his throat and crush his larynx.

dirtybagina: He falls is a pile.

evrclr83: ?

dirtybagina: You shit your pants as you realize this is now a death match.

dirtybagina: On, your feet, homo.

evrclr83: uhm... sorry... but could we change role playin.... im not really egttin anything from this

evrclr83: and im not really gay

dirtybagina: I kick your knee in and you buckle like a fat lady on narrow stairs.

evrclr83: sorry... but im not really into all this violence

dirtybagina: You weep and call for a parent or guardian.

dirtybagina: Nobody comes.

dirtybagina: Huh?

dirtybagina: Not into violence?

dirtybagina: But you're the wrestler?

evrclr83: yeah... durin role playin

evrclr83: i know

dirtybagina: Ok.

dirtybagina: Then you make something up.

evrclr83: im violent when i wrestle... not when im witha chick

evrclr83: what other role playin situations have u done?

dirtybagina: Ok, creampuff, you call the shots.

dirtybagina: No, its your turn.

dirtybagina: I dont want to look like the asshole again.

evrclr83: ok... well first off is there something that u absolutely wont do?

dirtybagina: Nothing.

evrclr83: how about u be a nurse

dirtybagina: I once let a monkey shit in my mouth for a polaroid to win 25 skeeball tickets. I will do anything.

dirtybagina: Ok I'm a nurse.

evrclr83: woah... ok... i dont think we need 2 do that

evrclr83: ok, well im the patient... and i come in for a checkup

dirtybagina: Like you have a monkey.

dirtybagina: Go ahead.

dirtybagina: Oh, Mr Jones, I see here you have an awful case of the creeping gotcha.

dirtybagina: You will need to take off your pants.

evrclr83: really?

dirtybagina: Yes. Really.

evrclr83: whatever u say nurse

evrclr83: u know best

evrclr83: theyre off

dirtybagina: No, I am going to need to take your temperature.

evrclr83: ok nurse

dirtybagina: You know how we do that for the creeping gotcha?

evrclr83: how?

dirtybagina: Fist I am going to need you to get you cock as hard as possible.

dirtybagina: Let me bend over so you can see my freshly shaved parts.

evrclr83: ok nurse...

dirtybagina: Does that make you hard?

evrclr83: mmmm... i enjoy the view

evrclr83: starting 2

dirtybagina: I stick two fingers in myself to make sure you are as hard as you can be.

evrclr83: mmm... almost there nurse

dirtybagina: I suck one of your balls into my mouth. You are as rigid as a Nazi on Parade.

evrclr83: mmm... yes

dirtybagina: Now we must take your temperature.

evrclr83: ok nurse

dirtybagina: I take the thermometer and put in my mouth so its all lubed up.

dirtybagina: I take your cock in my left hand like I was killing a turkey and jam the thermometer down the head til you feel it touch your pelvic bone.

dirtybagina: You jump like a retard sat in a campfire.

evrclr83: woah.....

evrclr83: damn

dirtybagina: You weep like a baby but Doctor knows whats best.

evrclr83: i ask if the nurse could hurry it up

dirtybagina: "Shut your whine-hole, faggy." Says I.

dirtybagina: I try to pull it out but its stuck.

evrclr83: yes nurse

evrclr83: ow

dirtybagina: Only one thing to do now!

evrclr83: ?

dirtybagina: I grab a tack hammer and smash your cock flat, crushing the glass thermometer inside you gutted member.

dirtybagina: You will have to pee out the glass chunks.

dirtybagina: (This would be a good time for you to pee on me)

evrclr83: uhm... what the heck is it with u and violence? and pissin?

dirtybagina: Thats not *violent*. Its *medical*.

evrclr83: i just wanted normal cyber sex

dirtybagina: And it was your fantasy.

evrclr83: i know... but the chicks dont shove a thermometer up my duck then hit it witha hammer

dirtybagina: Your duck?

evrclr83: dick

dirtybagina: Oh, we can do that too if you want.

evrclr83: no thanks

dirtybagina: We're in the barnyard feeding ducks.

evrclr83: .........

evrclr83: i dont think so

dirtybagina: You run out of bread but they're still hungry.

dirtybagina: I take off my top and show you my tits.


Previous message was not received by evrclr83 because of error: User evrclr83 is not available.


dirtybagina: Then a duck fucks you.

Previous message was not received by evrclr83 because of error: User evrclr83 is not available.


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