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Doug is "PorkPipeAnnie"


dynomyte200: you like older men?

PorkPipeAnnie: Only older men.

dynomyte200: how old are you?

PorkPipeAnnie: 13

PorkPipeAnnie: How'd you know I like older men if you didn't know how old I was?

PorkPipeAnnie: Already you come on with bullshit nuances.

dynomyte200: i read your info......i just wanted to make sure you know how old you are

PorkPipeAnnie: I may be young and ready to fuck but I'm not a fucking hillbilly retard.

dynomyte200: i am in college

PorkPipeAnnie: Are youtrying to be a smart fuck?

dynomyte200: i am smart......but not a smartfuck

PorkPipeAnnie: Well, what are you going to college for, smarty-john-pedophile?

dynomyte200: no, to become a pharmacist...

PorkPipeAnnie: Xanax addiction forcing you to aspire to a degree, eh?

dynomyte200: thats funny.....but true (i'm joking)

PorkPipeAnnie: So get to your point, squeezenuts.

dynomyte200: so why you like older men?

dynomyte200: your only 13....

dynomyte200: are you there?

PorkPipeAnnie: Cuz they know how to cyber.

PorkPipeAnnie: Or.. most of them do.

dynomyte200: so your 13 and want to get nailed by a 20+ year old man

PorkPipeAnnie: I'd like em 40's if I had my druthers.

dynomyte200: what do you look like?

PorkPipeAnnie: I look like Cher if she'd had lost a bullfight.

PorkPipeAnnie: Sorry about the grammar in that sentence.

dynomyte200: is that good or bad......

dynomyte200: give me some figures or numbers

dynomyte200: or a picture....

dynomyte200: hello.......?

PorkPipeAnnie: I look like... well, like Mama Cass at a feedbag.

PorkPipeAnnie: I'm thinking.

dynomyte200: do you got a pic?

PorkPipeAnnie: Don't ever fucking rush me, you cock.

PorkPipeAnnie: No pic.

dynomyte200: i have a cock.....and it's huge

PorkPipeAnnie: *yawns* Wow. I girl can't find that in America.

dynomyte200: i don't cyber.....i like to fuck in person.......with people my age, not little girls

dynomyte200: i'm out to get a beer.......see ya

PorkPipeAnnie: Wait!

dynomyte200: what?

PorkPipeAnnie: You're old enough to drink????

PorkPipeAnnie: What's it like???

PorkPipeAnnie: Please describe a beer to me!!!

PorkPipeAnnie: I'll suck your cock!!!

dynomyte200: what?

dynomyte200: i got a beer right here......why?

PorkPipeAnnie: Describe a beer to me and I'll suck your cock.

PorkPipeAnnie: (and btw, I am pretending that you are JJ from GoodTimes. I assume thats why you have the name)

dynomyte200:'s a coor's light.....tape the rockies....

dynomyte200: i just popped the top......and i took a drink

PorkPipeAnnie: Mmmmmm.

dynomyte200: still drinking......and it's gone....

PorkPipeAnnie: Tell me what it tastes like, stupid!

PorkPipeAnnie: My mouth waters for your cock...

dynomyte200: little bubbles......yellowish look......tastes like beer.....not flat b/c it's fresh

PorkPipeAnnie: My ass weeps a single muddy tear of longing for you.

PorkPipeAnnie: Take off your pants.

dynomyte200: okay......there off.....

PorkPipeAnnie: No underwear?

dynomyte200: silk boxers...

PorkPipeAnnie: Search around for your cock.

PorkPipeAnnie: Tell me when you've found it.

PorkPipeAnnie: Still waiting.

dynomyte200: here it both hands

PorkPipeAnnie: No, the other one is your frat brothers.

PorkPipeAnnie: But I guess it ain't gay if you are already in.

PorkPipeAnnie: Ok, Now start jacking off over me.

PorkPipeAnnie: I'm laying naked below you.

dynomyte200: your kinky......

dynomyte200: slowly.........

PorkPipeAnnie: All shaven and nasty.

PorkPipeAnnie: Writhing.

dynomyte200: faster.....

PorkPipeAnnie: Rolling over and arching my ass up in the air.

dynomyte200: do you like it in the ass?

PorkPipeAnnie: I'm begging you to fuck my ass.

PorkPipeAnnie: I thought you'd never ask!

dynomyte200: i rub it along your ass crack

dynomyte200: and slide it in gently

PorkPipeAnnie: I feel a turd in there but I don't say anything.

PorkPipeAnnie: I let you jam it in.

dynomyte200: slowly at first....get juices flowing

PorkPipeAnnie: The juices are sloppy flu-poop. But it helps.

dynomyte200: a litlle faster...

PorkPipeAnnie: The faster you go, the more I start to shit.

dynomyte200: thats nasty.....

PorkPipeAnnie: It's getting all over your Aunt Nancy's comforter.

PorkPipeAnnie: i suggest we move to the floor.

dynomyte200: what

PorkPipeAnnie: It's tile and can clean up quick.

dynomyte200: i like to be ordered around

PorkPipeAnnie: Take your cock out of my ass!

PorkPipeAnnie: Do it now, bitch!

dynomyte200: okay.....

dynomyte200: now what?

PorkPipeAnnie: Now lay on your Aunt Nancy's tile floor.

PorkPipeAnnie: On your belly.

dynomyte200: okay baby...

dynomyte200: now what?

PorkPipeAnnie: Now writhe around while I jack off.

PorkPipeAnnie: Arc your ass up towards me.

dynomyte200: okay....

PorkPipeAnnie: Thats a good boy.

dynomyte200: okay...why?

PorkPipeAnnie: Cuz it turns me on!

dynomyte200: okay...

PorkPipeAnnie: Now pull your ass cheeks apart!

dynomyte200: what?

PorkPipeAnnie: I put on Aunt Nancy's strap on cock!

dynomyte200: i don't think so...

PorkPipeAnnie: It's not as big as my own cock..

PorkPipeAnnie: but what the heck?

dynomyte200: what?

PorkPipeAnnie: I cram both my own cock and Aunt Nancy's cock in your ass without even hesitating.

dynomyte200: are you a man or woman.....

PorkPipeAnnie: You scream like you found a dead body.

PorkPipeAnnie: It just makes me mad.

PorkPipeAnnie: I pound your faggot head into the floor...

PorkPipeAnnie: What?

PorkPipeAnnie: Oh..

PorkPipeAnnie: I am a little girl.

dynomyte200: i don't like dicks in my ass...

PorkPipeAnnie: Anyway,

dynomyte200: take the dicks out of my ass..or i'm leaving

PorkPipeAnnie: So i am ramming my own 34 year old man-cock into your pedophile ass.

PorkPipeAnnie: I don't want to, but I have to teach you a lesson about raping children.

dynomyte200: so your a man......i'm leaving.....

PorkPipeAnnie: You beg me to finish but I can't come.

PorkPipeAnnie: No!

dynomyte200: what?

PorkPipeAnnie: I'm a little girl who loves to fuck older guys.

dynomyte200: but you said your 34 year old man

PorkPipeAnnie: So, I ose my erection and ask you to prescribe something so that I can keep ass-fucking you til you are dead.

PorkPipeAnnie: What do you recommend, Doc?

dynomyte200: your wierd......i'm gone......

PorkPipeAnnie: Wait!

dynomyte200: i need to go get a drink.....

PorkPipeAnnie: I think I could love you.

dynomyte200: what the hell do you want?

PorkPipeAnnie: I want to blow a load.

PorkPipeAnnie: You haven't done shit to get me off.

dynomyte200: your a horny old man....i thought you were a 16-17 year old girl pretending to be 13 year old girl

PorkPipeAnnie: Thats just irresponsible.

PorkPipeAnnie: Man???

PorkPipeAnnie: Me???

dynomyte200: yes.....your a man.....

PorkPipeAnnie: Are you a faggot???

PorkPipeAnnie: If you want a dude, you better go elsewhere.

dynomyte200: no, i like age women.....

PorkPipeAnnie: You knew I was 13 and tried to fuck me!

dynomyte200: i tried to leave you said wait!

PorkPipeAnnie: It made me hard.

PorkPipeAnnie: Now finish the job.

PorkPipeAnnie: Suck my cock.

dynomyte200: your a sick old man......i am leaving....

PorkPipeAnnie: Suck it good.

PorkPipeAnnie: Real good.

dynomyte200: go away

PorkPipeAnnie: Dy-no-mite!

PorkPipeAnnie: Stop with the warnings, homo!

dynomyte200: your a man pretending to be a women......your sick

PorkPipeAnnie: Or Florida is gonna be mad at you!

dynomyte200: i'm blocking you....

PorkPipeAnnie: "you're", not "your".

dynomyte200: shut the hell up

PorkPipeAnnie: What fucking college do you go to that can't teach you to fucking write?

dynomyte200: fuck off you sick pervert

PorkPipeAnnie: Pedophile finishing school?



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