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Doug is "ToolMySweetAss"


roboman727: you have a pic

ToolMySweetAss: No, I don't.

ToolMySweetAss: You have a pic?

roboman727: no

ToolMySweetAss: Well then, there you go.

roboman727: but i will in a few, when my systems come up

ToolMySweetAss: I'll wait right here.

roboman727: it will be a couple of hours

roboman727: my systems are down

ToolMySweetAss: I will wait forever if I have to.

ToolMySweetAss: I'm that kind of girl.

roboman727: hmm

roboman727: why

ToolMySweetAss: I stick by a person for life.

roboman727: thats is scary

ToolMySweetAss: Thats what a person deserves when they go

all out for you like you have done for me.

roboman727: hmm i did how

ToolMySweetAss: I didn't even have a picture and you said you would

still send me one.

roboman727: that me

ToolMySweetAss: Thats soooo awesome!

roboman727: where you from

ToolMySweetAss: You are so totally cool!

roboman727: in more ways than one

ToolMySweetAss: I am from Las Vegas. Would you like to come here?

ToolMySweetAss: I will so ask my mom if you can stay!

roboman727: yes, when i am not so busy

ToolMySweetAss: How old are you?

roboman727: what

roboman727: i am a old guy

ToolMySweetAss: I looove old guys!

ToolMySweetAss: Young guys don't know how to do anything!!!

roboman727: you only stay with your mom

ToolMySweetAss: (including ass-fuck)

roboman727: hm

roboman727: i am the best

ToolMySweetAss: Are you like real busy a lot?

roboman727: most of the time

roboman727: but i make time for certain things

ToolMySweetAss: Cuz I could maybe come out and help you or something.

roboman727: how old are you

ToolMySweetAss: I can't do a lot of things becasue of my disability but I can use a computer.

ToolMySweetAss: 13

ToolMySweetAss: 14 in June.

roboman727: thats to young for me

roboman727: i could get into trouble

ToolMySweetAss: Wow, I thought you knew I was into older guys.

ToolMySweetAss: I mean, we don't have to have sex til I'm older.

ToolMySweetAss: We will wait til I am 18.

roboman727: what is your disability

ToolMySweetAss: But until then we can still see each other all the time and cyber and I'll suck your sweet cock over the internet.

ToolMySweetAss: My disability?

roboman727: what is it

ToolMySweetAss: I was crushed between a bus and a concrete

embunkment at the bowling alley.

roboman727: and what happen

ToolMySweetAss: I have no use of my body from the neck down.

ToolMySweetAss: But i can type with this straw in my mouth.

roboman727: ok

ToolMySweetAss: So i can help you pay bills online and type up your mail and stuff.

ToolMySweetAss: What do you do?

roboman727: i am a computer analyst and a phone sex operator

ToolMySweetAss: I am so excited this is soooooo cool. Everyone told

me - there's someone for everyone! I just didn't know I'd meet mine right here online!

roboman727: hmm

ToolMySweetAss: Whats your favorite thing for breakfast so I can tell my mom to learn how to cook it!?

ToolMySweetAss: She's gonna be sooo happy.

roboman727: i have to go for a few ok

roboman727: my systems are coming up

ToolMySweetAss: She always tells me "You'll never find a man you Goddamned cripple"!

ToolMySweetAss: Now I'll show her finally!

roboman727: ok

roboman727: hey friend i will be right back

ToolMySweetAss: Finally someone to fuck my ass and call me angel!

ToolMySweetAss: Wait!

ToolMySweetAss: Don't go!

ToolMySweetAss: I can't be without you!

roboman727: i have to , i will be back

ToolMySweetAss: Wait! Mother is coming to talk to you, to give you directions to the house!

ToolMySweetAss: What time can you get here?

ToolMySweetAss: I will maybe have you pick up some things for me. Where do you live?

roboman727: you are being funny

roboman727: i am in texas

ToolMySweetAss: I have a great sense of humor!

ToolMySweetAss: My oncologist tells me that!

ToolMySweetAss: Texas is big, huh?

ToolMySweetAss: Do you have a big cock?

ToolMySweetAss: Like "Texas" big?

roboman727: ok

roboman727: i will be back

ToolMySweetAss: Yes or no?

ToolMySweetAss: I'll kill myself if you leave!

ToolMySweetAss: Don't do this to me, Rob!

roboman727: i am at work and if i dont check my systems i will get into trouble

roboman727: i said i would be back

ToolMySweetAss: We made a commitment to one another and

we are going to see this through.

ToolMySweetAss: My Dad said he would be right back yet here I

sit, shriveled dead legs and a spine like a crazy-straw waiting.

ToolMySweetAss: & years I've been waiting.

ToolMySweetAss: 7*

ToolMySweetAss: And I am not going to let you leave like that too.



Previous message was not received by

roboman727 because of error: User

roboman727 is not available.


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