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Under Sheets


Doug is 'cybergrlonwheels'


BARRY0217: hell 35/m/dad/NY

cybergrlonwheels: Hell?

BARRY0217: loc?

cybergrlonwheels: LV

BARRY0217: do you do phone?

cybergrlonwheels: Ya!

cybergrlonwheels: I loooove phone sex!

BARRY0217: interested?

cybergrlonwheels: Sure!

cybergrlonwheels: Whats your number?

BARRY0217: ***-***-****

BARRY0217: sorry ***-***-**** when will you call?

cybergrlonwheels: Where's that?


cybergrlonwheels: Well get me started here a little bit.

BARRY0217: I would slowly enter your room as you sit on your chair

cybergrlonwheels: Mmmmm. 

BARRY0217: I would get down on my knees, and start to suck your toes as I rub your thighs

BARRY0217: licking the bottom of your feet

cybergrlonwheels: Don't say that.

cybergrlonwheels: It's not funny.

BARRY0217: why?

cybergrlonwheels: Because you know I am an amputee.

cybergrlonwheels: You're making fun of me for not having feet.

BARRY0217: oh shit I did not know I am really sorry

BARRY0217: I really didn't realize it

BARRY0217: I am so embarrased

cybergrlonwheels: Thats why I am "on wheels", silly.

BARRY0217: I thought it was an expression

cybergrlonwheels: Start over, only this time start at my ears or something.

cybergrlonwheels: You're really good, except for the feet thing.

BARRY0217: i climb on top of you and slowly start to lick your neck and blow softly in your ears

BARRY0217: you moan softly as my hard cock rubs against you

cybergrlonwheels: Clear my breathing tube first before you start licking my neck or you may get a mouthful of phlegm.

cybergrlonwheels: Mmmm. Cock.

BARRY0217: want to continue on the phone?

cybergrlonwheels: Tell me about yourself. I want to know what kind of man is about to sodomize me.

cybergrlonwheels: Then we'll phone.

BARRY0217: well, i love to eat a wet open waiting pussy

cybergrlonwheels: No, I mean the real you. If I kinda know a guy I can really get into it.

BARRY0217: slowly I grind my cock against you pussy as I slip off your top

BARRY0217: I am 35/m/NY 5 9 brown hair hazel eyes

BARRY0217: 185 lbs

BARRY0217: I am in sales, home today, slow business day

BARRY0217: also, looking for new job on line

BARRY0217: what else?

cybergrlonwheels: Wow, it's like American Beauty.

BARRY0217: why is that?

cybergrlonwheels: Me being so young and you so mature and sexy.

BARRY0217: age?

cybergrlonwheels: I can imagine coming to your house while your kids are asleep.

BARRY0217: so you realize I am married

cybergrlonwheels: Creeping into your bed.

cybergrlonwheels: Oh, really?

BARRY0217: yes problem?

cybergrlonwheels: That makes it sooo much more exciting!

BARRY0217: mmm you are hot

BARRY0217: my cock is so hard

cybergrlonwheels: Whats her name? I want to pretend we're fucking with her right outside the door.

BARRY0217: Jennifer

BARRY0217: man, I want to hear your vocie

BARRY0217: voice

cybergrlonwheels: You will, I just wanna get geared up first.

cybergrlonwheels: I'll let you hear me come.

cybergrlonwheels: My 12 yr old lungs sure can make a lot of noise!

BARRY0217: 12?

cybergrlonwheels: Yep. 

cybergrlonwheels: But I fuck like I'm 15 at least.

BARRY0217: oh boy i feel stupid

BARRY0217: you were playing with me

cybergrlonwheels: What?

cybergrlonwheels: Playing?

BARRY0217: I don't want a 12 year old

cybergrlonwheels: I was cybering, who's playing.

BARRY0217: yes but 12

cybergrlonwheels: Then why didnt you read my info, stupid?

BARRY0217: my fault sorry

cybergrlonwheels: Now I am all hot and stuff.

BARRY0217: yes but 12

BARRY0217: you are a kid

cybergrlonwheels: I am older than my years.

BARRY0217: I think it is illegal

cybergrlonwheels: Well, get me off anyway, just tell me what you'd do to someone of legal age.

BARRY0217: call me

cybergrlonwheels: I would give another two legs to have a cock in my ass right now.

BARRY0217: wow, I don't know what to say

cybergrlonwheels: To feel hot meat driving up my backside would be like Heaven.

BARRY0217: you are pretty hot, I don't believe you are 12

cybergrlonwheels: I'll be 13 on August 2nd.

BARRY0217: stop it, I am getting sick

cybergrlonwheels: But my health problems may prevent that.

cybergrlonwheels: Me too.

BARRY0217: what is wrong with you?

cybergrlonwheels: You name it. Chronic Cystic Colitis, diabetes, Ludwig's Angina...

BARRY0217: I feel bad for you I am sorry

cybergrlonwheels: Thats why I cyber.

BARRY0217: can you still get off?

cybergrlonwheels: I don't think I'll ever have the chance to have sex.

cybergrlonwheels: Yes, oh Hell yes!

BARRY0217: you masterbate?

cybergrlonwheels: Like an ape on exctasy!

BARRY0217: wow, what can I do?

cybergrlonwheels: Lets pretend we're at your house.

cybergrlonwheels: Jennifer is right outside the door tending to the children.

BARRY0217: ok, alone?

BARRY0217: I am in bed

BARRY0217: suddenly, I feel a hand on my shoulder

cybergrlonwheels: I crawl under the covers, using my hands to propel my torso like a carny act.

BARRY0217: I can feel you aginst me

cybergrlonwheels: You grab my head like a bowling ball and stuff your cock in my mouth.

BARRY0217: you take it all in

BARRY0217: slowly sucking and licking

cybergrlonwheels: I cough and gag but you shush me, as Jennifer is sending the kids to school just outside.

cybergrlonwheels: (How old are your kids?)

BARRY0217: 3 and 5

cybergrlonwheels: Oh, so no school.

cybergrlonwheels: Names?

BARRY0217: older yes, no names please

cybergrlonwheels: K

BARRY0217: can we continue this on the phone?

cybergrlonwheels: Lets call them Mandy and Sandy.

cybergrlonwheels: In a minute.

cybergrlonwheels: So I have your cock in my mouth and I can feel your balls getting big.

BARRY0217: you suck so well, are you getting wet?'

cybergrlonwheels: Well, it doesn't get wet so much cuz of the medication. It gets kinda mucusy though.

cybergrlonwheels: Lets get back to the fantasy.

cybergrlonwheels: I'm under the covers when Sandy and Mandy allofasudden crash through the door.

cybergrlonwheels: They start jumping up and down on the bed!

BARRY0217: I try not to let them know what is going on

cybergrlonwheels: "Daddy Daddy! We want ice cream!"

BARRY0217: daddy is busy now, we will go out a little later

cybergrlonwheels: I am hiding with your cock like a frozen banana in my mouth.

BARRY0217: still working it

cybergrlonwheels: Mmmm.

BARRY0217: I want your pussy

cybergrlonwheels: Jennifer stands by the door watching you with the kids.

cybergrlonwheels: She gets that far-away smile like she used to get when you first met.

BARRY0217: I try not to moan but I want you so bad

cybergrlonwheels: You are a hero to her sometimes.

cybergrlonwheels: The kids snuggle up by your neck while my misshapen head drinks your cock.

BARRY0217: i tell her to take the kids out for a while I have some work to do

BARRY0217: damn, I am so turned on now

cybergrlonwheels: Jennifer notices a lump under the blankets near your groin.

cybergrlonwheels: "Whats under there, Dave?" she queries.

BARRY0217: I tell her it is a book

cybergrlonwheels: Uh, I am bigger than a book you know. Say its the dog.

BARRY0217: ok its the dog

cybergrlonwheels: I hear your story and run around a bit, barking through the blow-hole in my neck as best I can.

cybergrlonwheels: Then I turn and impale myself on your hard shaft ass-wise and take you in my colon.

Previous message was not received by BARRY0217 because of error: User BARRY0217 is not available.



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