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Doug's Book of Baits

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If you are not yet familiar with Baiting, it's the art of luring pedophiles to contact you on instant messenger under the illusion that you are a 12 year old girl. Then you fuck with them as unmercifully as possible. The result is the funniest shit I have ever written.

After fucking around for far too long with different publishers, I finally decided that they can all eat my mealy ass and I have self-published "Fun with Pedophiles: The Best of Baiting" through

I hate most everything I've ever done in comedy but I laugh like a dim-witted schoolgirl re-reading this shit. Buy it just to give me a reason to start doing it again for Part Two.

It won't make the New York Times Bestseller List nor will Oprah curl up with a pint of mint chocolate chip and highlight her favorite passages but if you like what I do, you'll fucking love this. It's the perfect Christmas present for your less-than-stable, outcast friends.

It's not only the pedophiles that are fun to bait. The religious zealots out there are prime fodder, too. Check out some of the abortion baits. Here's one from the book to get you started - Fuck A Duck . When you run out of these, there's plenty more at, the original masters.

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