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Costa Rica '05

Black Cock   pours cheap in Costa Rica, though I never touch the stuff myself. It made poor Renee have to excuse herself from the act of love to make sick but the cocaine didn't let that stop me from trying to finish. Not really a good coke environment, Costa Rica, in that there's no real point in staying up late - this is a town for sleeping. But they'd gone thru so much trouble to obtain the stuff - one of our crew got into a midnite beach brawl with the local drug dealer and his band of civil servants leaving Kevin knee-deep in diplomacy to restore ties to the only connection - that I felt it was only polite.


The only damage to our boy was a sizeable bitemark where the Tico tried to "eat his way through" him. Good thing Art the Crusher had already gone to bed or we may have been obligated to take over a gap in the local drug trade.

I had been missing for all the happenings, having spent a few days in an "undisclosed location". Now I'm glad that I can't be recognized as a trouble-maker. The Beckers closed a deal down there for us yesterday on 4 acres overlooking the ocean. We don't need the headaches. Now we just need a book or pamphlet showing us how to build a house.

Noteworthy quote -

"I don't remember falling down. But I remember bleeding

Mack Frice on regret       

Quite a turnout this trip - the Alaska contingent including but not limited to The Great American Hero fresh back from body-stacking in Thailand as well as the filthy uncut Scotsman, the Tampa Bay Lightning and those mentioned earlier. These are not the names that appear on their government issued IDs but you wouldn't know them anyhow. It was a pleasure seeing all of you with a hand over one eye to focus.



You get to an age where even when you get good stories, you can't tell them because now most of the people involved have responsibilites or heavy stakes in the hand. What a great excuse youth used to be and we didn't even know it.

West Nyak Rascals is supposedly on for Feb 17-21, although they are still not open at this writing and I can't seem to find any other information. Harrah's in Las Vegas has been moved to April 5-10. Other stuff is on the schedule. Did you get on themailing list?

The new site will be up as soon as Redban gets done with his better paying shit. In the meantime, I'll be working on a book, satellite radio show, quitting smoking, more television, doing sit-ups, sobriety, yoga, new CD and DVD, and a few other things - just as soon as I get my shit out of the dryer.



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