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Fuck Verizon

Sometimes these cocksuckers just push you too far. Verizon DSL has shut me down for no apparent reason three times this year. One day you have no DSL anymore. You call the tech-flunkies and they keep you on hold, burning up cell minutes and growing brain tumors while they do some testing.

Then they tell you there doesn't seem to be anything wrong but they will do more testing and to call back. After three days of this shit and being switched from moron to moron, jumping though hoops like a circus monkey.

Finally they find that it's a billing problem and that your account has been shut down for no logical reason. The bills have been paid on time. Can't see a reason they shut it off. We'll get it back up in a week.

Then - a month later - it happens again and the process starts over.

Some people just sit there and take it. But sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.


WMV File 4.9mb

WMV File 386k


Verizon was given fair warning and chose not to listen. And they faced the consequences.


WMV File 3.8mb

WMV File 306k


I am now with Comcast cable. Hopefully they will take notice and treat me with the respect I deserve.


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