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Peoria, Il.

With all the stragglers now gone from my apartment, I am now alone in my rubble and have little or no ambition to put it in any order. My office chair has lube stains from someone jacking on the computer and I know they aren't mine as I am a dry-jacker through and through. Devout. My guess is Mordal but it could have been cousin Eric. I have no time or money for DNA testing so I will just put down a towel.

Peoria held true to the "Shittier the town, the more fun the shows" theory. Not only did I get to perform with Brett Erickson again as well as local psychotic and rapingly funny Travis Lipski, but by chance Ralphie May was playing across town and stopped in for late nite hijinx.

Spontaneous "Juggie Auditions" in the middle of the drunken-brawl late show could become a staple as long as there are girls dumb enough to show their cans and clams once the alcohol has finally broken down the attention spans of crowd.

Social relevence even gets monotonous to me at those hours. Thanks to Chris for having the presence of mind to take photos.

I think I may take a stab at a new CD in Minneapolis in October, drag up banjo Randy from KC to give it some kick. Andy Andrist will be along and will be putting the final cuts on his upcoming CD as well so get your tickets early. Andy will be headlining there Tuesday - Thursday so catch his full set early and come back for the weekend when we're together. That always gets sloppy.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my request for hot tips on vacation spots. Most of you just looked at a globe and then said "Go to Fiji." Thanks, potatohead, I could'a done that myself. I was looking for the one guy who knew a guy that had a secret bungalow on the backside of an island where I could just ask for Carl and would then see things no white man had seen before for pennies on the dollar. A long shot, I know, but worth asking.

Memphis and Dayton coming up next. Check the schedule.


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