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Amarillo Comedy Club, Part 4

This will hopefully be the end of the Amarillo story.


I talked to Kelly Moran today on the phone. I now believe he sent the email as a joke. Unfortunately, he included some really harsh personal shit about my manager, things that I deleted before I posted here. No need to hurt her feelings any worse by posting it. He had a personal beef with her and followed it up with all the HEEB and CUNT shit as a joke. Had it not been for the personal stuff, I may have taken it as such. But between that and the fact that I assumed it was his brother Kevin, I took it all seriously.

Kevin wants me to apologize for accusing him of sending the email.

Sorry Kevin.

Kevin, as far as I know, never asked me to rescind my comments about all the shit he said to me that week about his feelings towards people of color. Good thing.

Racism bothers me, but not as much as you may think from all of this. I, after all, am not a victim of it.

Racism just shows how fucking stupid you are, how little you really think.

The racist shit from Kevin it seems was just what most racism is - shit-talk. They are obviously booking black comics now for whatever reason. As much as it may enrage me, they are most often comical in their ignorance and to be ignored. I'd be just as disgusted working for someone who dumped his religious beliefs on you all week as his racist views. If you only work for people you like you'll be spending

long hours waiting for Jim Taugher to open a new room in Madison or Greyhound-ing it to Houston every 8 months. I don't have to work for people I don't like anymore .


Kelly Moran is not a racist. He has nothing against the Jews. He was playing on Hollywood stereotypes. He hates my manager and should have kept it to himself. She is very important to me.

As for the club - it seems that people of all color who are willing to work for the money are welcome there now. Make your own decisions.

Last word.



I have posted most of your emails on my site, allowing you to tell your side of the story verbatim. (Verbatim means word-for-word). I will also post a link to Kelly's admission and subsequent apology. (Subsequent means 'right afterwards'). As you can imagine, I will not be performing there in July or any other time. But if you are planning on sueing Kelly for using your club's name and email account to slander you, please let me know if you need me to be available as a witness.

Douglas Stanhope

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