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Where I'm Gonna Be


I'll be playing a joint called WOODY'S PLACE this coming Tuesday, May 21st at 8pm or so. It's my first time in Columbus in 8 years so come out with all your sick fuck friends and let's get ugly. If enough of you show up I can make it a regular stop on a weekend so I need to fill the room. Take Wednesday off now so you can sleep off the damage. You hate your fucking job anyway so steal money from them on Tuesday, spend it Tuesday night and tell them to go fuck themsleves on Wednesday. You'll feel a whole lot better.

I'll be finishing out the week at Jokers in Dayton, Weds-Sun.

Also new is Toronto Yuk Yuks July 10-14. Nowhere better to be than Toronto in July, save for maybe Vancouver or Montreal.

This week is the Laff Stop in Houston and you know Houston always rocks. Why my wife can score drugs here and I can't is annoying yet obvious at the same time. I need to hang around with more homos.

We taped at The Velveeta Room in Austin last week for an upcoming DVD. I haven't seen the footage yet but it felt like a decent enough show. No idea when it'll be done but, believe me, you'll get an email if you're on the mailing list.

The Velv is everything stand up comedy should be. Like The Perch in Charlotte. 60-70 seats jammed in, smokey and loud and reeking of chaos. Comedy without the threat of something going terribly wrong gets real boring real quick and that's what you get in most of the corporate TGIComedy clubs.

Thanks to Don King and the Yellow Rose in Austin. You always make the trip worthwhile and my wife still smells like your tittie dancers.

Check back soon for UK dates in August. Specifics to come.

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