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Shit Town* Tour Survey - What is the Shittiest Town?

 *Not all towns on this tour are Shit Towns but they worked with the routing.

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Atheists Unite (Updated)


As of Friday 24th May we have cleared the initial $50,000 target. In truth, we had no idea how generous and giving our community would prove to be. We reached our goal within 17 hours of starting. An Indiegogo deadline cannot be changed once it has been set. So this campaign will continue until July 22 2013. At that point the financial cogs will turn and the moneys raised will be delivered to Rebecca Vitsmun. There is no reason for us to stop raising funds. The median cost of a home in Moore, OK is $125, 250, and that was back when they had homes. More importantly, the more money we raise the better the example we set.



Rebecca Vitsmun - while in a sea of "God" rhetoric in the aftermath of the Moore, OK tornado - was being interviewed by CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

When asked by Wolf "Do you thank the Lord?" she quickly responded that she was an atheist.

It's important that our community shows that we have your back when you come out publicly as an atheist.

Let's show the world that you dont need to believe in a god to have human compassion nor does all charity fall under the banner of religion.

Let's get this courageous woman and her family back in their own home.


What We Need & What You Get

We dont know the exact cost of putting a family back together when you dont even have a toothbrush anymore so we randomly chose 50,000 dollars as a goal. And that's probably low-ball.


The Impact

The impact of getting Rebecca and her family properly housed by the atheist community will do far more good than sitting in bars or chat rooms mocking people of faith. Like religion, free-thinking will be more easily spread through compassion and decency.


Other Ways You Can Help

Post, Tweet, Call, Email, Text, Write, Yard Signs, Smoke Signals, Myspace...
Maybe prayer would be as effective as Myspace.
Just get the word and the link to people.
#AtheistsUnite on Twitter
I just hope folks arent as dumb as me and screw up "atheist" every time.
It ends "ist!" dammit!

Head to for more information, and a list of rewards.