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An Interview with John Lydon

I get a call at 7:45 a.m. a few weeks ago that I only got up for to scream at whoever dare call at that hour.

Missing the call, I check the voice message and it says -

"Hey John it's Mike Ragogna from KRUU & HuffPost - we have a phone interview scheduled if you can please call the studio line - it'll be real easy, just a few questions about the new release and PiL."

I had an interview scheduled with this same guy at noon so he'd obviously put the wrong phone number to the wrong guest - and although I don't know shit about music I did catch the John and the PiL together and realized he was calling for John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten.

So I dialed the number he'd called me from, got voicemail and left a message saying who I was and that he'd called the wrong guest.


Ten minutes later I'm woken up again to the phone ringing and now I fucking furious.

"Hey John it's Mike Ragogna from KRUU & HuffPost - we have a phone interview scheduled if you can please call the studio line..."

This time I said fuck it, wrote down the studio number, put on the best British accent I could muster (which is absolutely fucking awful) and called in to do the interview as best as I could, being still half asleep and not knowing shit about who I am pretending to be.

We assumed that there was no way it would ever air... certainly someone would realize or fact check - I mean, I left him a voicemail message on his cell phone that he was calling the wrong number.

But they put it up today and at this moment still have no idea. I bet they pull it all down shortly after this goes up but we now have the recording and screen shots as back-up. 

Find the audio version HERE (starts around 12:30) and the transcript of the interview on Huffington Post HERE.

UPDATE: Sometime this morning on 10/26/12 and the Huffington Post took down the interview. You can still find our backup below.

Sadly they edited out the fun parts where I would pause to fake-vomit mouthfuls of water into the toilet our loudly take a piss with the phone just over the bowl but they left in the "Howard Stern" and "Baba-Booey." How could they have ever guess they'd been duped?

Also, HERE is an interview I did as myself on same phone number later. Guy still clueless.

In case the original interview and audio disappear, evidence is embedded below.


John Lydon Interview by dstanhope


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