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Evidently A Few Of You Really Want To Come To The Yard Sale.

Odd ducks, you. It's Saturday and Sunday June 11 & 12 from 10 - 3. The address is here.

You Break it, you Buy it. No refunds. Cash or check, rain or shine, etc.

We'll also be having the virtual yard sale on eBay starting sometime tomorrow but I dont know how it's gonna work yet. McCowboy is coming over later to figure it out. Check back later or tomorrow morning for that info.

Yard SALE!

107 Rees St., Playa Del Rey, CA





It may be a few days before I can tell you about the desert affair. We broke all records on how far we could stretch the limits of our souls and sanity and came out better because of it. Details later.

Still no definitive answers on where I am to end up on July 1st.

It's kinda fun not knowing.


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