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In Flux

Six weeks to pull the chute and still no idea where to go. I change my mind four times a minute when I think about it but I don't think about it often. Spending time planning just makes you feel pointless when the shit you never expected throws it all in a new toilet. Some weird shit is going to happen, I can feel it. I just don't know if it's going to be the jackpot or cancer.

Either way, the yard sale has been pushed up to June 10-11 since Hawaii cancelled. They don't wanna go up against Ray Romano. Good thinking. He probably draws quite a few of my walk-outs.

If you'd like to buy some ridiculous shit to further burden your life, come to LA that weekend. I'll post the address the day before. Maybe we'll have a band. We'll definitely have a party. If you buy the bed, you can stay the night on it. Just get it the fuck out before you leave. I hate having stuff. It makes me wonder if someones fucking it up while I'm away trying to have fun.

I'll be doing a couple nights with Attell and Sean Rouse up in Boise, Portland and Seattle June 17-19. Check the link at Attell's site for details.

Thanks to everyone at Caroline's in NYC. You made it harder to hate that shit-mound of a city. And some really cool comics - Mike D, Jay Oakerson. Take care of that Jerry Rocha kid. He's a good dude and a funny prick. They'll rape him in that city if you dont look out for him.

My webguy is supposed to be changing this site so I can just post my updates without having to email them to him. It'll probably take him a month to figure out the technology. If Timothy Leary were alive he'd tell you not to trust anyone over 30 to do your website. I still dont have any audio or video up and I never get around to putting up new pictures but I'm wondering if anyone gives a fuck.

If you have any suggestions for the site - email me. Don't use any language thats even vaguely technical or I will gloss over likeClockwork Orange and delete. I'm only asking cuz I dont know what people want aside from dates and occasional blather. And, no - I won't be putting up new baits anytime soon. It's a long pain in the ass that I unfortunately don't have time for right now.

Hey Chappelle - you're my newest hero since Ricky Williams. Anytime someone tells the guy with the money to eat a dick, my life is more important - it makes us all stronger as a people. Thanks.

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