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Costa Rica, Here I Come.

Goodbye Cruel World.

After almost five straight months on the road, I am disappearing to Costa Rica until the middle of January. If I haven't returned your calls or emails, it was because I was busy as fuck. Now it's because I am in the jungle. Please try again later.

I've had more than enough to update you with in the last few months. Austin was a blast and Tampa was semi-eventful, even if not all good. Alaska was the usual blowout with excessive nudity but the drugs just don't take as well when you're head is a mess of distractions and obligations.

I am hosting the new Girls Gone Wild video, should be out early 2004. Ridiculous and surreal, it seemed like a good story while we were filming it but now when I have time to write about it, it all seems like a hazy blur of tits and drunken insults. Same goes for the Ginger Lynn retirement party.

So I am off to Costa Rica. Hopefully I'll come back with a good story. Until then, I will leave with with some pics of the last few months of the recklessness I loosely refer to as a career.

Make sure you sign the mailing list. It may be the only way you'll know if I'll be coming around your neck of the dirt, especially if you live near Tampa. There'll be plenty of weird shit happening in 2004.

Oh, and buy my shit. Thanks.

                                                  ~Senor Doug

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