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The happening


Here's all you need to know. Firstly, yes - it's a *real* wedding. But it's also an anti-wedding. This won't be the kind of event girls cry at. 

The location is 
Tommy Rockers Cantina and Grill, 4275 Industrial Rd between Flamingo and Tropicana just west of I-15. Phone number is 702 261 6688. 

Pregame show is at 6pm. There will be a high-hand poker machine playoff for best man and any other stupid shit we come up with to make it interesting. Food and drink will be provided so long as you pay for it. It's a bar and grill for fuck sake.

Comedy show starts at 8. Chaos will ensue. Remember, her family is flying in from all over and they are unfamiliar with me or my act. Look for seating out of harm's way.

The wedding will follow in whatever disorderly fashion that seems fit at the time. It will be performed by Father Luke, my defrocked, vagabond priest friend from Santa Cruz. He will accept tips and may try to touch your wife. 

Heckling is not only acceptable but also encouraged.

Gifts are unnecessary but you can buy my new CD afterwards. Or wait til everyone's drunk and steal one.

Vegas attire is in order, meaning wear whatever you want or nothing at all.

This event is open to the public so if you know anyone from the public, bring them.

Most of us will be staying just down the street at the 

Wild Wild West Gambling Hall and Casino
1-800-634-3488, 3330 W. Tropicana Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89103
It aint much but its like 20 bucks a night and you can get there shit-faced from Rockers with ease.

Email me if you have any questions -

Remember, marriage is the most ridiculous institution commonly practiced by the human race. We intend to do it right, our own way and with our own rules. Please don't try this yourself. You'll only end up getting hurt.


Other news

I've added a separate guestbook and mailing list. Sign em both. Mailing list is important as fuck and I always forget to push the site on the road. 

LOS ANGELES FOLK! I'm doing a full show at Farfalla on Wednesday, March 20th, 9:30pm - 143 N La Brea in Hollywood. It's upstairs and only holds like 60 so get there early. There's an 8 dollar cover and there's no guest list cuz I gotta split with the guys who book it. So save up 8 bucks and come out.

And would one of you motherfuckers email 
Death Row Victor so I can get some Goddamned content on that page. Make up a question of any kind, be it love, money, high finance, meaning of life, some fucking thing. I need content and he needs amusement. 

Still trying to put together an L.A. show with 
Extreme Elvis
Will keep you updated.

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