And My How The Time Rolls By.
Wednesday, June 1, 2005 at 11:00PM
Doug Stanhope

Do you read Father Luke before you log off? I always do. Here's a recent one 

Read a lot of Father Luke if you can.

Have you seen The Staircase on Sundance Channel? It'll fuck you up worse than the West Memphis Three. If you haven't seen either, get off the computer and find them.

I keep having dreams about Hedberg. I keep trying to write his parents but I dont know what to say. I'd like to eat mushrooms with them so they could see things the way he saw them. Then they might understand a bit. But I dont think that is going to happen.

There is no point to this update. Just a quiet call out to the universe to see if anyone is listening.

The party starts now.

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