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Doug is "aidsblood"


bobmfk: busy?

aidsblood: Not one bit!

bobmfk: is that age right on you r profile?

aidsblood: Yep! I'll be 14 in June.

bobmfk: then why no teenage guy?

aidsblood: They are SOOOOO boring!

aidsblood: Older guys know how to F-U-C-K!

bobmfk: you name is very usual!

aidsblood: Where you from, scum?

aidsblood: Oh ya...

bobmfk: hey not nice young lady

bobmfk: chicago

bobmfk: you

aidsblood: thats what my friends call me.


aidsblood: Oops, caplock.

bobmfk: kind of figured that

bobmfk: whats your real name?

aidsblood: Chondra. It's in my profile, pedophile.

aidsblood: I like to rhyme.

aidsblood: What do you do, dirty Jew?

bobmfk: hey ..keep that and you'll get something in your ass

bobmfk: or would you rather get in the the face???

aidsblood: Like it both ways, actually.

bobmfk: ooooh gooody

bobmfk: do you have a pic???

aidsblood: No, do you?

bobmfk: ya

aidsblood: Send it along, monster-schlong!

bobmfk: so what do you look like?

bobmfk: no if you dont have one!!

bobmfk: come on done be shy!!!

aidsblood: OK forget it then.

bobmfk: so you like cock!!!

aidsblood: I look like Cameron Diaz with a harelip.

bobmfk: why the goofy hanhdle doll

aidsblood: Goofy?

bobmfk: well not reall

bobmfk: but its a little weird!

bobmfk: i take it you're not a virgin????

aidsblood: Not at all!

bobmfk: well you like sex the normal way or do you have a favorite position!

bobmfk: i bet you be good on the lap facing me so i can get it deep into you

aidsblood: Mmmmm!

bobmfk: you have nice breasts?

aidsblood: Yes, I like it!

aidsblood: Yes, as a matter of fact I do!

bobmfk: nice for sucking on and licking!!

bobmfk: your pussy tight?

aidsblood: Oh ya! *cough cough*

aidsblood: Tight as a drunken Irishman!

aidsblood: And smells as bad!

bobmfk: then its nice for fingering!

aidsblood: And eating!

bobmfk: i like to go in and play with your clit

bobmfk: hold it in my fingers and squeeze it

aidsblood: I like to put things in it, like sandwiches and raw pork, and leave them in their til they rot.

aidsblood: After a week or so the send me to the doctors and I get out of school for a few days.

bobmfk: i rather run my cock in and out of it first!!

bobmfk: while i'm play toungue hockey with you

aidsblood: Mmmm. I love hockey! Fucking Kings went in the shitter last night, though, didnt they?

bobmfk: you like you breasts squeezed hard while you get fucked in your pussy!!

aidsblood: Not too hard cuz I bruise easy and it shows on camera.

bobmfk: you model or dance???

bobmfk: you have big nipples?

aidsblood: I do films.

bobmfk: i take it sex films!

aidsblood: Nipples like long, cancerous penises.

aidsblood: Yes, sex films.

bobmfk: hmmmm nice

aidsblood: My Dad has me do them to pay for Nicholas to go to school.

bobmfk: ya sure!!

aidsblood: *cough cough cough*

aidsblood: *wheeze*

bobmfk: and i suppose that your pussy making noise!!1

aidsblood: Now, its the virus.

bobmfk: herpes!!!!

bobmfk: or the clapp?

bobmfk: i 'll bet you'r a gorgous good liking girl chondra with and ass that wont quit!!!

bobmfk: well you there???????

bobmfk: or do you want more fucking !!!!!

aidsblood: hello?

aidsblood: Hello?

bobmfk: hi

bobmfk: i see your back

bobmfk: want to fuck

aidsblood: Ya, my Dad came home.

aidsblood: Sorry.

bobmfk: irts ok

bobmfk: you eral do nude movies!

aidsblood: Tell me about yourself, Bobby, get me back into it.

aidsblood: Ya, unfortunately.

bobmfk: dose your dad make you?

aidsblood: Ya, I guess.

aidsblood: Not really "make" but you don't want to make him mad.

bobmfk: what do you mean guess so?

bobmfk: ok i see

aidsblood: He says he'd be real "disappointed" if I didn't.

bobmfk: he in the sex movie busy?

bobmfk: i'll bet you're really pretty too!!

aidsblood: Yeah, people say I look like Cameron Diaz if she were a midget.

bobmfk: you like to fuck

aidsblood: Like a truck driver.

bobmfk: i'd like to have you

aidsblood: Where do you live?

bobmfk: chicago

aidsblood: Oh ya, you told me that.

aidsblood: The windy city.

bobmfk: your in vagas right

aidsblood: Speaking of wind, one time I was 69 with my cousin Dale and I had to fart but I ended up shitting on his nose.

bobmfk: oh god

bobmfk: bet you're good at screwing

aidsblood: Good? Fucking pro, flapjack!

bobmfk: you like fucking your pussy or giving b.j.s?

bobmfk: i'd strippyou pants off

bobmfk: you

bobmfk: flip you on the bed

bobmfk: and drive my cock right into you pussy

aidsblood: How bout something different?

aidsblood: How bout we make a new hole so I am a vigin?

bobmfk: well i can do you on the kitchen counter

bobmfk: you likre it in you ass?

aidsblood: No, too worn out. I have a prolapsed rectum from the brutal filming schedule.

aidsblood: Hangs out of me like a blistered cows udder.

bobmfk: how long you been doing this shit???

aidsblood: Have to film all my scenes on my back so you can't see it.

aidsblood: Since I was 11.

aidsblood: When my tits first started coming about.

bobmfk: do the guys you screw on film wear condoms?

aidsblood: No, which is how I got all AIDSy.

aidsblood: But I still make the films. I'mm no quitter.

bobmfk: now i see!!

aidsblood: See what?

bobmfk: you handle???

aidsblood: Oh, ya, Aidsblood. It's subtle but tells a little about who I am.

bobmfk: you must have one big pussy by now!!

aidsblood: Big like a garbage bag.

bobmfk: hell thats no fun ..they should be nice and tight

aidsblood: Thats why I said..

aidsblood: Lets make a new hole!

aidsblood: Get a box cutter!

bobmfk: then use your mouth

aidsblood: No, no, no. NEW hole, dummy!

aidsblood: I'm gonna let you fuck me anywhere on my body!

bobmfk: na theres only so much you can do!!

aidsblood: No, there's much more you can do! Now quit being a homo and get a box cutter!

bobmfk: what do you want me t do ..slice you butt open!!!!!!

aidsblood: You can put a hole ANYWHERE!

aidsblood: You can fuck me in the leg, the eye, anywhere.

bobmfk: hey this too wierd????

aidsblood: Anywhere except ass, pussy and the gape-mouth.

aidsblood: Weird? Are you a queer?

aidsblood: If you are it's no biggie.

aidsblood: Go ahead cut me.

aidsblood: I say we start with the back of my head.Punch a hole in my skull and fuck my brains out.

bobmfk: time to go chick!!!

bobmfk: bye

aidsblood: Wait!

aidsblood: I need you!

bobmfk: what?

aidsblood: I'm about to come!

aidsblood: My pussy is so wet, it's on fire!

bobmfk: then stick your hand in there and grab you clit

aidsblood: Wow, my clit is all swollen up. Like a cock.

bobmfk: and message the hell out of it!!!

aidsblood: I'm jacking it off!

bobmfk: good go to it

aidsblood: From the tip down to the balls.

aidsblood: Big hangy 34 year old ma-balls.

aidsblood: Mmmmm.

aidsblood: Suck my clit.

aidsblood: Pell back the foreskin and suck it.

aidsblood: peel*

bobmfk: i'd reach it grb it

aidsblood: eeeYello?

aidsblood: Grab my big, 9 inch clit, put the head in your mouth and suck it til I blow a big monster load of semen into your mouth.

aidsblood: All gunky and bleach smelling.

aidsblood: Mmmm


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